Friday, January 13, 2017

The Way to Grasp Personal Knowledge

UV 2174/10000 The Way to Grasp Unattainable Personal Knowledge
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it.
Psalm 139 v 6

God has made us awesome but unless we are in awe of Him, we loose the plot. We are made “fearfully and wonderfully,” implying that we are created to be fragile, sensitive and vulnerable while at the same time, we are created to enjoy the wonders of nature, human nature and God’s nature. Knowledge is what gives a leader the edge. The sciences and human knowledge without the knowledge of God is incomplete, dangerous, fearful and forbidden. Science and education have left so many blanks and empty spaces that only God can fill. For only He knows us personally and completely, more than we ourselves can ever know. He knows every thought, desire, challenge, every circumstance of our lives, our strengths, our weaknesses, opportunities, threats each of us face. Such complete knowledge of ourselves is not attainable by us.

The Greek philosophers like Socrates rightly said that the secret of true knowledge is knowing oneself. But they did not realize that in order to know ourselves, we need to relate or know the Creator personally. The Creator revealed Himself partly through many prophets but fully in His Son Jesus, the Christ or the chosen one to redeem all mankind through His sacrificial life, death and glorious resurrection. This is knowledge by revelation. The manger leader or manager through a personal relationship with the Father in heaven through His Son Jesus comes to know himself better and better. He gets to realize the purpose of his life and how best to fulfill it. The Holy Spirit will shine His torchlight on different aspects of our inner being- our godly and ungodly desires, our godly thoughts and our darkened imagination and thoughts, our unique strengths and equally unique as well as common weaknesses, the God-ordained opportunities or open doors and the ones not ordained by Him- the closed doors. True enjoyment of the abundant life implies that we consistently choose the God-approved thoughts, emotions, desires, strengths and opportunities. The enjoyment of the choices that are not approved by the Lord extract a very heavy price. The Lord leads us without attempting to control us or restrict us or dictate to us.

Whoever we are, whatever we have, wherever we go, we cannot escape from the Lord. He hems us in on all sides. He presents us a Hobson’s choice- choose either life or death, choose either Him or the enemy of our souls, a godly knowledge or worldly knowledge. We need to choose between the power of human knowledge and the liberty of spiritual wisdom that comes from the personal knowledge of the Lord. There is no neutral ground between the Lord and the enemy of our souls. Either we are with and for Him or against Him. We need to cling to what is good, true, positive, noble, praiseworthy, encouraging, faith-building and let go of what is evil, negative, false, depressing, unworthy, condemnable, discouraging, faith-weakening. The personal knowledge of the Lord increases with our study and intake of the Word. The Word mirrors our inner being accurately and effectively.

Prateep V Philip

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