Wednesday, January 18, 2017

True Empowerment, Continual Renewal and Faithful Response

UV 2179/10000 True Empowerment, Continual Renewal and Faithful Response
And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.
Rev 21 v 5

Jesus is the Innovator par perfection, the pioneer and author of faith. He did the unthinkable by giving up what He is entitled to forever for a time in order to empower others or share power with all. The One who sat on the throne, Jesus embraced the thorns in order that the throng sit on the very same throne. The Lord promises in this uni-verse to make all things new. He makes the people who are ruled or subjected to the laws of sin and decay to be the rulers- the ones who administer the laws of grace and renewal. He transforms us, our situations, our character and our destiny. From being just one of the fish in a huge fish tank, we become like the shark in the fish tank in the sense, we generate enthusiasm or the energy of God through our belief in the impossible, the miraculous, the supernatural possibilities. The manger leader like Jesus shares power and rights with others, the more he does so, the greater leader he is. As God is faithful, He responds to our faith in like manner and causes the impossible and the improbable to happen: rivers of hope, love and grace to flow in the deserts of disappointment, prejudice, hatred and evil. He creates or clears a way where no road or path exists. The change emanates from the deep internal to impact the external.

We need to behold the work of the Lord through the agency of His word. “To behold” is an unique biblical term or expression that means a combination of all senses, hearing, visual, tactile, taste, smell and the intellect refined and reinforced by belief or faith in the word. Faith comes by hearing the word, not merely reading it. The visual sense that normally dominates our hearing should be subordinated to the auditory in the manger leader or manager. The sound and meaning of the word penetrates our inmost being, our hearts and from that locus begins to create change for the better within us first and all around us, too in 360 plus degrees. We need to believe and hold as true and faithful the words of the Lord.

A word that is true when we respond with all our senses and with faith becomes our new reality. We do not believe what we see or hear with our eyes and ears but believe what is written by the Spirit of the Lord through many godly scribes. The One who writes is the author, or the person who has authority or mastery of life. The manger leader recognizes that the Lord is the author of life as well as all that is absolutely true. The process of renewal or transformation of our lives, our real life situations happens as we behold or respond with complete faith in the Word- Jesus, His mission impossible, His vision eternal.

Prateep V Philip

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