Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Source of True Riches

UV 2165/10000 Source of True Riches
A faithful man shall abound with blessings: but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent
Proverbs 28 v 20

Faithfulness is the source of all blessings even as faithlessness is the source of all curses. The uni-verse promises that the faithful will flourish with all manner of blessings, physical, intellectual, familial, social, financial, emotional and spiritual. Faithfulness implies that the person fears and respects the Lord God above all other persons and desires His presence and relationship more than anything else. Shalom or wholesome peace and prosperity is a balance of all the blessings that make for a life in which all blessings are enjoyed in balance and harmony. The manger leader or manager is distinguished by his faithfulness.

The eyes of the Lord are upon the faithful in every land. The faithful person tries to be perfect in all his or her ways. The manger leader or manager is gracious, compassionate and walks in integrity. He translates his wishes into prayers, his belief into principles, his principles into practices or habits, his thoughts into words and actions, his intentions into plans, his plans into reality. The Lord sees his faithfulness in all things and blesses the work of his hands and all that he sets his hand to. The manger leader or manager is full of heavenly or spiritual wisdom and conducts all his affairs with discretion. He is generous and helpful to those in need. He is not obsessed with material or financial wealth. The lines of scripture are more vital to him than any bottom line or profits in business. He knows that the best things in life do not have a price tag and cannot be bought or sold. At the same time, he is practical and wise and takes diligent steps to avoid falling into debt and to provide for his family as best he can. He is able to blend idealism and pragmatism without compromising on biblical principles.

The worldly leader or manager tries to become wealthy in a hurry. He becomes ensnared by many hidden lusts and deceit. He is more keen that his greed and not just his need is satisfied. He believes in acquiring wealth by stealth. Such haste to become wealthy by any means brings a curse upon whatever he gathers. He begins to rely on his wealth as his source of respectability, security and strength and thereby, loses his sense of fear of God and balance in his life. His heart gets pierced with many sorrows which money cannot comfort or resolve. He makes many foolish decisions that leads him into loss or folly or disaster. This is how the Lord deals with the nouveau riche. But the man who is faithful and blessed, He raises up step by step, measure by measure. Jesus said, “ He who has fear of God will be given even more but He who has no fear of God, even what he has will be taken away.” It could be taken away either during his lifetime through debacles and setbacks or at the time of death. The manger leader or manager can look forward to an extension of all his blessings in the kingdom of God in eternity as on earth. The manger leader, since his source of strength and comfort is the Lord, is neither proud of his wealth nor distressed by his lack of it. He finds his security, contentment and satisfaction in the eternal promises of the Lord. The source of true and lasting riches is Christ Himself.

Prateep V Philip

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  1. Amazing exposure to the word Faithful, Faithfulness. Just enjoyed reading it . It ministered and encourged me. Praise God. I have taken a photo stat of the same with your name and am going to give to my staff to be blessed.
    Stay blessed always with this kind of anointing.
    Thank you.

    Priscilla Rajan