Saturday, February 18, 2017

Green Pastures and Still Waters

UV 2203/10000 Green Pastures and Still Waters

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

Psalm 23 v 2

Life consists of a spiritual geography of green pastures, still waters, mountains and valleys. Every scriptural promise is an evergreen pasture. The hope that that promise evokes in one’s soul will never dry up. Faith fuels hope and hope fulfils faith. Hope is the oxygen that the protoplasm of the human being most needs. The nourishment and strength that hope affords the believer, who holds that promise as true and the promise-giver as living, active and able to do that which He has promised therein, will never cease. In that same promise or pasture the manger leader or manager can also find rest, peace, comfort and security. A pastor is someone who leads people to the eternal pastures of God’s promises. The pastures are meant to meet our earthly and eternal need. The still waters are not often located right next to green pastures. In order to get to these still waters, we need to climb mountains and traverse valleys.

We hunger some times and thirst often. Thirst is an even deeper longing than hunger. “Still waters” is a metaphor for the deeper truths that we discover as we remain still and meditate on the Word of God. It is the longing for righteousness and perfection of the Creator Jehovah and Redeemer Jesus. The commands, statutes, the precepts, the principles of the Word are the still waters. These do not change with changing times, environment and values. We need to go to the watering hole of God’s Word early in the morning and as often as we need to satisfy our thirst for righteousness.

As sheep are led over mountains and through valleys to newer green pastures and still waters, in the course of our lives, the manger leader or manager needs to climb mountains and pass through valleys. The mountains are our personal weaknesses as well as the impossible situations, the difficulties, the troubles, the opposition and persecution which we inevitably face in life’s journey. The strength gathered in the pastures enable us to face, climb and conquer the summits of these mountains. Every mountain climber knows that there is nothing at the top of the mountain. But it is the process of climbing, the enduring of hardship, the loneliness, the weathering of the storms, the battling with the bitter cold, the sense of overcoming step by step that gives the accomplishment the sweetness of lasting victory. To climb the mountains, we need special equipment of our spirits and minds, appropriate footwear, safety and belaying ropes. The learning and life lessons from the difficult experiences we pick up are the rivers that feed into the still waters of wisdom that we drink from frequently. The valleys are the times when we feel defeated, downcast, walked upon. This is the season of “dry bones,”- the times when we feel like questioning our hope and faith. The deeper the valley, the greater is the next mountain we climb and conquer. The river of the Word and the Spirit broadens in the valley times. The river speeds up and gushes influencing both banks of our minds and our spirits causing all types of crops, evergreen trees and fruit trees to grow in our lives for the benefit of others and for succeeding generations.

Prateep V Philip

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