Friday, February 24, 2017

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There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life: as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee
Joshua 1 v 5

This uni-verse is the cornerstone of the personal security of the manger leader or manager. No human will be able to assail us in such a way that we cannot recover. No human will be able to challenge us. The words of the old covenant puts it graphically in these terms, “ No dog will be able to raise its tongue against us”, implying no creature can harm or threaten us. No weapon can prosper against us as long as the Lord is in us and with us. The Lord who is with us is greater than he who is with our foes or enemies. He will be with us- implying that a human being who believes in Jesus is never alone in contending with the forces and threats of the world. The infinite power of God is at work in us in every context- wherever we go.

We being weak, mortal and frail may fail but the Lord will never fail us. We may leave the presence of the Lord through our lack of faith or through our acts of rebellion, fear or doubt and betrayal but the Lord promises never to leave us. His presence goes before us as a shading cloud by day and as a burning fire by night. The promise of the Lord never to forsake us or to never give up on us is the basis of our hope, our courage, our strength to face every day and every circumstance of our lives. Whether we believe or not, He believes in us. The disciples of Jesus led by Peter let Jesus down on many occasions but Jesus never let them down. He never disappointed them. He fulfilled much more than their expectations.

The Lord is with us as our loving Creator and Redeemer- therefore, we should love all creation and try to be as creative in our worship of the Lord. This morning I had the pleasure of watching through my binoculars an extremely small black bird, so tiny it can barely be seen with the naked eye, preening itself. Preening stimulates the glands in the bird's entire body. It is the equivalent of a bath, a spa and a full body massage to the bird. It cleanses it and prepares it for the day. Thinking, meditating, prayer, worship have a similar preening effect on our human bodies, stimulating the flow of divine anointing oil across our entire being for are we not worth more than many sparrows in the Father's eyes? From the Lord’s perspective and against the backdrop of the immense universe, each of us is tinier than that little black bird, a mere speck. But the Lord magnifies us to such an extent that we can aspire and attain the very stature of the Creator and the Redeemer Jesus. The Lord is with us as a mighty warrior- there is nothing we need to fear for those who contend against us will be put to rout , shame of utter defeat and confusion. The Lord is with us as an eternal Leader, eternal Teacher, eternal Comforter, eternal Restorer, eternal Healer, eternal Deliverer, eternal Rock, eternal Home, eternal Shield and Sword, eternal fortress, eternal Friend, eternal Parent, eternal Lover. He is the missing link between the internal and the external in our lives. The recognition of this faith fact should fill us with continual joy, strength, courage and peace.

Prateep V Philip

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