Tuesday, February 14, 2017


UV 2200/10000 Submission
Surely I have behaved and quieted myself, as a child that is weaned of his mother: my soul is even as a weaned child
Psalm 131 v 2

Submission to the Lord is essential for the fulfillment of vision, passion and mission. The Psalmist is saying in this uni-verse, “ I having found my identity in Christ, in the Creator, in the Redeemer of my soul, no longer am I restless and dissatisfied. “ He is as satisfied as a child lying asleep in his mother’s lap, quiet, still and trusting the Lord in all situations and for all his need. He knows that in each situation the Lord takes him through, it is like weaning a child of his mother. It is taking him to a new level of confidence, trust, patience, faith, love and strength. He is being prepared for a greater and deeper intimacy with his Redeemer. He is being prepared for greater responsibilities and challenges. Ironically, such surrender or submission like a child to his mother is a sign of the onset of maturity and wisdom of the manger leader or manager. This kind of humility of spirit emerges when we are drained of all personal ambition, vanity and ego. We become like Moses after driven from Egypt into the wilderness for forty years. He no longer had any pretensions of any ambition that he could save his fellow Hebrew people from Egyptian oppression. He is tamed of anger, aggression and pride. He no longer had any confidence in the strength of his own flesh, mind or even tongue. It is at such a moment, such a point in our earthly journey that we are ready to be used of the Lord as we are yielded and still. It is not as much physical, an intellectual or emotional but spiritual stillness. It is not the stillness of an instrument like a knife, a scalpel or a hammer in the hands of an expert but the stillness of the human person in the hands of the Lord.

Knowing that the Lord knows us intimately, that He loves us and cares for us, that He provides, protects and promotes us without our asking or without our longing for it, induces in us the attitude of waiting for the Lord patiently, calmly and with hope. We pass through different seasons, stages or phases in our lives. In each season, He not only more than adequately meets the holistic need of our spirits, minds and bodies but He prepares us for the next big shift to another phase or season. Instead of resisting change and challenges , we should yield to the Lord with a lot of trust, confidence and hope.

We need to submit our desires, our plans and projects, our personal ambitions, our hopes to the Lord. As we confide these in Him, He will either enable us by His grace to attain these or He would give us the grace and wisdom to give it up. As we do so, we will not feel frustrated or distressed or disappointed. We repose our confidence in Him as not only does He have deeper insight and knowledge of us but He has the best plan for our lives. As we yield ourselves to the Lord, He will undertake for us. No longer do we have to struggle to achieve any goals or aims. An exchange in the spirit takes place. He takes our heavy yoke of desire, ambition, worry and anxiety and places it on His able shoulder and plants the yoke or seed of calmness, joy, peace, assurance, confidence and wisdom in us.

Prateep V Philip

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