Saturday, February 25, 2017

Hope, Patience and Prayer

UV 2210/10000 Hope, Patience and Prayer
Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;

Romans 12 v 12

Hope is aptly called the helmet of salvation. It implies that the topmost protection of our most important part – the head is afforded by hope in Jesus. Hope protects us against depression, sorrows, against giving up on life, worry, fear, mental and moral weakness. Hope of attaining the glory of God fills the manger leader or manager. On account of our hope we can expect unexpected good news in our lives. It is a living hope or a practical hope that works out in our everyday lives. It is also an eternal hope. It is the hope of living forever. It is hope in Christ that takes the sting of death. Hope produces joy and gladness in our hearts .

In order to realize our hope, we need to learn patience or the ability to wait with an attitude of expectancy and quiet assurance that the Lord will keep His promises, His word to us. Faith and patience are equally needed in order for our inheritance of our promises to come into three dimensional reality in our lives. The second type of patience is that when we suffer afflictions that we do not deserve, we endure it patiently. We in fact welcome it as an opportunity to both test our faith and to strengthen it. Nobody ever became a saint or got sanctified, purified and mature in faith by only having a comfortable life. Everyone has to drink a cup of suffering as the Lord Jesus drank Himself. The promise of good news in the gospel does not mean we will never face troubles and tribulations but that we will endure these and overcome it with the grace or help of the Lord Jesus. The hope lies in His promise that He will provide a way of escape or a solution. The comfort lies in the promise that the Lord will be with us in our troubles. He will never leave us or forsake us in our troubles and trials. Similarly, when we undergo troubles or suffering that we deserve or called to us, we should treat it as a chastening or correction by a loving Father. As David pleaded, “ it is better to fall into His hands” as we know He is just and kind. Patience is a sign of maturity. It is called the prince of virtues as it is the virtue of the Prince of Peace- Jesus.

Studying the Word is the equivalent of eating in the physical world while praying is the equivalent of breathing. We eat often but breathe always. Likewise, every moment we need to give ourselves to the habit of continual prayer. We should pray in good times and in bad times. Prayer feeds on hope and the patience to wait for answers with thanksgiving, joy, gladness and gratitude for prayers answered in the past enables us to pray without ceasing. Our spirits commune continually with the Lord through the indwelling Holy Spirit who prays with sounds and moans that words cannot express. We offer with every breath praise, thanksgiving, supplication, intercession for different aspects of our lives. Our prayers run concurrently with whatever work or activity we are doing day and night. In addition, of course, there are times each day when we suspend all other activity and remain still and prayerful in the presence of the Lord. We find in reality that hope, joy, patience and prayer are mutually reinforcing elements, weaving a pattern of faith, power and victory in our lives.

Prateep V Philip

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