Wednesday, March 8, 2017


UV2220/10000 Omnicompetence
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me
Philippians 4 v 13

Faith in Christ anoints us with the power, might, leading of His Spirit- the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is versatile. He manifested Himself in some like Samson as physical strength, in some like Solomon as great wisdom, in some like Paul in his ability to endure all types of suffering or hardship for the sake of the cross. Faith in Christ empowers, enables, equips us. We become omni-competent or in the words of Paul, “ we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.” We can do nothing without Him. We are weak and ineffective humans without Him. Our sufficiency or ability is not from us but it is from Jesus who did all things like commanding the storm to be still, walking on water, interpreting the ancient scripture, discerning hearts and spirits, multiplying a few loaves and fish to feed a multitude of ten thousand people, healing lepers, the blind, the deaf and mute, bearing the shame and pain of the extreme punishment of the cross, commanding the dead to come to life.

The manger leader or manager is therefore, not just competent but omni-competent. If something is beyond his understanding or ability, he has recourse to prayer whereby the Lord will reveal the matter or enable him to do or endure a particular challenge. The shortage of ability or talent or resources is never an obstacle to accomplish a set task. The Lord manifests His wisdom, power and grace in our lives when we are up against a faith challenge. A faith challenge is to believe in the impossible, to believe that Jesus can and will make it possible. The experience of this kind of unlimited power of Jesus is an everyday occurrence of scores of believer around the globe right through the centuries to this day.
Omnicompetence of the manger leader or manager is manifested in the “do power” as well as the “endure power” . The “do power” is the ability to accomplish things while the “endure power “ is the ability to suffer silently but with our heads held up high in faith and confidence. The intuitive power of the manger leader is also extremely high. This enables him to take timely and wise decisions. Often, the only help Jesus might give us in a given situation is His wonderful counsel. We then need to follow through by consulting a variety of domain experts and get the job done. All of us have gaps or shortcomings in our abilities, talents, resources. We need to admit the shortcomings or gaps and invite the Lord’s presence and power in these areas of shortcoming. A shortcoming or scarcity of resource or ability is never a problem for Jesus but an opportunity to graciously demonstrate or manifest His wisdom, power and grace as we saw when the fishermen-disciples drew an empty net after a night of efforts to catch fish. Jesus does like to surprise us in our walk and life in different ways. He chooses the time to manifest His power. It might happen while we are still striving or while we are about to give up.

Prateep V Philip

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