Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Training for Warfare

UV 2238/10000 Training for Warfare
He teacheth my hands to war, so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms.
Psalm 18 v 34

The Lord is not only Himself a warrior on behalf of people, He trains people for war. He is our Master Trainer. He imparts fighting skills such that we are able to overcome evil forces that are arrayed against us all the time. He enables us to be a counter or foil to the thief, the robber and the killer who is the common enemy of our souls. He imparts strength to us so that we stay in the fight till the very end. A warrior needs versatile skills in order to wrest victory from multiple enemies. He needs to understand the strategies of the enemies and devise ways to neutralise these strategies.

Scripture tells us that the Lord will teach our fingers to war. This implies that the Lord gifts, imparts and trains us with ten different skills: the ability to pray in the spirit, the ability to discern the spirits, the wisdom to take quick and correct decisions, the ability to lead with courage and strength, the ability to recall, understand and apply the apt portion of scripture, the ability and will power to execute what has been planned, the ability to counsel and to seek and take advice from the right quarters, the knowledge of one’s own vulnerabilities and weaknesses as well as what he needs to do to minimise its impact in his life and work, the faith that whatever one lacks in terms of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, abilities, resources, the Lord will supply graciously.

A bow of steel cannot ordinarily be broken with bare arms. But when the Lord equips us with different elements of His armour and with His spiritual weapons, He does so that we attempt and accomplish what is not ordinary but extraordinary or miraculous. The enormous, unlimited or infinite strength, power and wisdom of the Lord operates in us and among us to do the impossible. Ordinary “flesh and blood people” are enabled to fight spiritual battles, to tear down evil empires and strongholds. Our influence and power as “peaceful warriors” of the Lord extends beyond national, geographical and earthly boundaries, beyond the realm of the possible. The goal of such warfare is the salvation of souls. As we engage in such warfare, people get released from the clutches or captivity of the enemy of all human souls.

Prateep V Philip

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