Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Word as a Source of Life

UV 2239/10000 The Word as A Source of Life
Wherefore thus saith the LORD God of hosts, Because ye speak this word, behold, I will make my words in thy mouth fire, and this people wood, and it shall devour them.
Jeremiah 5 v 14

When the Lord puts His words in our mouth, He makes it like a fire. It will consume the evil in us and around us in the people who hear us speak His Word. It will go forth as light in the darkness, shattering and scattering the darkness of ignorance. It will open eyes that are blinded from perceiving the Lord and ears that do not hear him as well as minds that cannot comprehend Him or hearts that are hard like rock in their response to Him. His Word is a hammer that breaks the unbelieving and rocky dead hearts and makes it soft, responsive, faithful and living.

The tongue in normal times is a source of both life and death, wisdom and folly, goodness and evil, kindness and harshness, truth and lies. But once, we consistently EAT (enjoy, apply, think) the Word, chew on it or meditate till we digest every bit, assimilate it into our hearts and lives, it becomes a source only of eternal life, a spring of sweet and everlasting water. What we declare, the Lord will vindicate as His own words- it will come to pass. He will not allow a word to fall to the ground in vain. The English expression “ eat your words” means that one is forced to be ashamed of what he has spoken and compelled to withdraw it. But the Lord commands us to “EAT” His word. It will then be a source of enlightenment, warmth, guidance and protection like a fire. As Jesus spoke to the two grieving disciples on the road to Emmaus, His words began to burn in their grieving hearts like fire and they began to understand the purpose of the cruel death of Jesus on the cross. Likewise, the words we speak will burn in the hearts of listeners and give them a new perspective, altering their lives.

Only a fire can effectively destroy a hornet’s nest. Likewise, the Word in our mouths, hearts and lives does not stir the hornet’s nest but destroys the bees sent by the enemy to sting us in the form of temptations, death, disease, disgrace, defeat or loss. Jesus became the Word or the very expression of God, the visible image of the invisible God in order to remove the sting of these real life issues that trouble mankind from the beginning of time. When people hear the Word, they should not allow their momentary faith to die out like a spark or perish like a plant without enough roots but fan it into full flame or allow it to develop to its full potential. A fire is also a source of warmth, comfort or encouragement on a bitterly cold winter night. The Word is an effective source of comfort, hope and encouragement in our lonely, forlorn, desolate moments when we feel low , downcast or depressed. Only a hammer can destroy a rock into pieces. Likewise, all the hard issues of life that torment us, the limiting factors, the shackles of life are broken into pieces as we claim the specific promises and do the commands embedded in the Word of God. When enemies oppose us or attack us, the Word is a quiver of sharp arrows as well as an effective shield in all directions or 360 degrees even where our sight does not reach. It is a sword of fire that proceeds from our mouth as we declare it in faith to destroy the weapons and plots of the enemy of our souls.

Prateep V Philip

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