Sunday, October 1, 2017

Dimensions of the Image of God

UV 2788/10000 Dimensions of the Image of God
It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
Hebrews 10 v 31
The true image of God is not discovered by imagination but by revelation and faith. Our choices to either reject or accept the living God will determine whether it is a terrible thing or a terrific thing to fall into His hands. When we believe in a loving and living God, it is indeed a terrific thing to fall into His hands. His hands will catch us when we fall, when we stumble, when we falter. His hand will guide us on the paths of life. His hand will provide for all of our need. His hands will protect us from our foes and enemies. Eye has not seen nor ear heard not entered the thoughts or imagination of people the wonders that the Lord will do for the believing and beloved. In international relations, there is the theory of balance of power that governs relations of nations. But, in the kingdom of God there is a balance of love and power. Love is the primary mode of relationship while power is in the background.
The Bible holds up to us two views of God, -first that He is a living, all powerful, all knowing and loving person who keeps giving chances to every human being to turn to Him and second, that He is a consuming fire who destroys the unrepentant, the arrogant, the remorseless wicked. People need to fear if they believe that God is dead, that God does not exist. They need to fear even if they believe in God if they have a distorted view of Him. People need to fear when they make God in their own image instead of trusting the One who made them in His image. They need to fear when they rely on their own imagination, traditions and beliefs about God instead of getting to know the real nature of God by studying His word and experiencing its reality in their lives first hand. People need to fear Him if they reject His love and ignore Him, if they live as they please not remembering that they need to give an account for every careless word and every wicked deed. The love of God is backed up by the awesome power of God. His immense power is held in restraint by His love. The choice is made by each individual whether to believe and enter into a covenant relationship of love or remain outside the circle of His love and care and by choice become an object of wrath.
God cannot contradict His own nature, His own word. That anything that is only partially good for example human beings can be potentially absolutely evil predicates that He is also possessed of awesome avenging, judging and punishing power to maintain the balance, to ensure His sovereign will is executed in heaven and on earth. For the believer, the one who is living in covenant relationship with the Triune God through belief in Jesus Christ, He is also a refining fire who purifies, sanctifies, perfects faith as well as character and works. Since God is loving, we too need to conform to the image of Christ and increasingly reflect His qualities of love in our lives if we are not to fall under judgement for our lack of faithfulness.
Prateep V Philip

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