Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Pattern of Perception

UV 2811/10000 Pattern of Perception
Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.
Isaiah 43 v 19
We may not perceive it but the Lord is doing the impossible. He is creating a way, a highway in the wilderness to lead us into the promised land. He is creating rivers of blessing in the desert times of our lives. The Lord declares the new things He does in us and in our lives before it happens. He causes the barren to bear fruit, the hopeless to have hope. He has created the greatest path for mankind that leads back to Him in His Son Jesus. Jesus is the path that the redeemed of the Lord take to reach Zion. As we trod this path, He removes the mountains, the difficulties, challenges and opposition that lie in our path. He raises the valleys, the low points of our lives and meets us at our point of need in order to give us testimonies of His faithfulness and grace. He smoothens the rough patches in our lives.
Whatever be our situation or circumstances, the Lord is able to turn it around. It was impossible for the ancient Israelites to escape from the captivity and slavery of mighty Egypt but the Lord did many new things never done before- the ten plagues commanded by Moses to soften the hardened and unrepentant heart of Pharaoh. He drowned the pursuing army of Pharaoh and rescued the Israelites by creating a path on dry land in the Red Sea. The Lord manifested Himself as a cloud by day for shelter from the sweltering heat and as a pillar of fire at night to provide both heat and light to the nascent nation. He brought forth water in the desert from mere rocks. He provided them manna and quail for meat in the desert. He gave the Ten Commandments that He wrote on stone with a fiery finger. He gave wisdom and guidance to Moses to lead the fickle Israelites. He raised up a leader after Moses in Joshua and enabled him to cross the Jordan, to overthrow Jericho and to defeat 31 kings before occupying Canaan.
Our faithful response is to recognize the new moves of the Lord in our lives, to willingly follow step by step in the path He shows us. Learning from the example of the Israelites, it is not for us to question or doubt or complain but patiently obey His commands and to trust in His promises. What the Lord did in and to the whole nation of Israel, He does today in the lives of individual believers. Our eternal destiny is the promised land. En route, while continuing on our earthly journeys, He does new things in our lives, to bolster our faith for His glory. He removes our barriers. Faith lies in perceiving things before it happens, knowing that the Lord is in command of the situation.
Prateep V Philip

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