Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Pattern of Generational Blessings

UV 2798/10000 Pattern of Generational Blessings
The LORD hath sworn in truth unto David; he will not turn from it; Of the fruit of thy body will I set upon thy throne
Psalm 132 v 11
The uni-verse states the pattern of generational blessings that flow and follow the one declared righteous by faith. The Lord promises to establish our line or generations. Just as He has a covenant with the sun and moon that they rise each day, He has sworn a covenant relationship with the one who is committed to Him. He will not turn from His promise or His word. He is faithful to His promises for a thousand generations, it is written in His word.
David was a mere shepherd when he started out in life. But he used his time and talent, while sitting in the pastures as the sheep grazed, to compose the psalms, the songs of praise and thanksgiving that express his feelings towards the Lord. The Lord anointed him as a king while he was still young. The Lord strengthened his faith so much that he was undaunted when he faced great and dangerous challenges in the wild from powerful beasts of prey like a lion and a bear. He developed his skills not just as a harpist but he practiced throwing stones accurately and lethally with his sling. He was now ready to take on the mighty Goliath- a metaphor of the giant challenges that believers face and overcome in our lives on Earth. David then faced challenges from a jealous King Saul and later from many quarters when he lived as a fugitive. In all his experiences, he held onto his faith in Jehovah, the God of his forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. He knew that if God had been faithful to them, He would continue to be faithful to him and give him the grace to overcome the mighty challenges he faced almost all through his life.
The Lord promised David not just longevity but also continuity in the flow of His covenant promises to the line of David. He promised that one of his own children would be on the throne of Israel. Sure enough Solomon succeeded David as King on his throne and perpetuated as well as expanded on his legacy. It implies that the Lord will be with our children, their children and our descendants as He is with us. He will raise them up to succeed us, to carry out the will and purpose of the Lord in their lives. God’s promises have no expiry date and continue to work out in the lives of our descendants long after we are gone.
Prateep V Philip

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