Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Alpha of Charisma

UV 2979/10000 The Alpha of Charisma

Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.
2 Timothy 1 v 6

Charisma is not a physical attribute of a person but it is the anointing that flows through the human being when the Holy Spirit comes upon him. It might manifest in some supernatural gifts like visions, dreams, healing, deliverance, a word of knowledge or of wisdom, speaking in unknown tongues as well as a strange heavenly language. When the early apostles merely laid their hands upon people, charisma flowed from their hands onto those they prayed for and imparted a supernatural gift. But this gift needs to be put to use, developed or stirred up to its full potential.

The Father breathed into the first man He created. It is also written that He breathed scripture. He did not speak or write scripture but breathed it. It implies that scripture contains the life of the Triune God. He drew deep from within His Being to breathe scripture into the nostrils of man. We too draw on the same source of charisma when we breathe in the breath of God- the Holy Spirit and the Word. We receive an anointing of our flesh and blood and bone. Charisma begins to flow from deep within our being. The presence of the Great I am is ushered into our inmost being. The Alpha of life takes root deep within our souls and manifests as Omega or in 360 degrees, 365 days into 7x24 hours.
Charisma enables us to do the things Jesus would do routinely- bless people by just touching them, praying for blessing and seeing that which is so blessed- multiply, healing the sick, making whole the withered and diseased, causing the spiritually dead to come alive in Christ, speaking a word that is prophetic, speaking counsel that is apt and wise, solving problems wherever we go instead of creating them. If we do not use the gifts of the Spirit we lose them. We are exhorted in the uni-verse above to fan to full flame not only our faith but the spiritual gifts that we receive from the Lord.

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