Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Alpha of the Power of Declaration

UV 2983/10000 The Alpha of the Power of Declaration
The woman saith unto him, I know that Messias cometh, which is called Christ: when he is come, he will tell us all things
John 4 v 25

Jehovah declared to Moses His identity- “ I AM WHO I AM.” Jesus, the Son of God declared in seven “I Am “ statements that “ I am the True Vine,” “I am the Bread of Life”,” I Am the Truth, the Way and the Life”, “ I am the Good Shepherd”, “ I am the door of the sheep”, “I am the resurrection and the life” and “ I am the light of the world.” In these seven declarations, Jesus meets our personal needs. The True Vine declaration of Jesus implies that He gives us the true connection with God, that in being grafted onto this True Vine we will both grow and bear abundant fruit. We need to claim this promise by declaring to ourselves, “Jesus is my True Vine.” When we declare, Jesus is the Bread of my life, He promises to meet our physical, intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional needs. When we declare that He is the Truth, the Way and the Life, Jesus reveals the truth, the way to live and the mystery of life beyond this world. In short, the seven declarations of Jesus covers the Alpha to Omega needs, situations, desires, challenges of our lives. As the woman at the well testified of Him, He has told us all things we need to hear.

When we declare that Jesus is “My Good Shepherd, He guides us, He feeds us, He leads us, He protects us, He saves us as a shepherd protects the sheep from predators. When we declare that Jesus is the door of our lives, we do not enter anything without first seeking His approval. When we declare that He is my resurrection and my life, we are affirming our hope of eternal life as well as the strength of my current life. When we declare that Jesus is the light of our world, we are stating that we draw our knowledge, wisdom, grace, inspiration, energy, purpose to live from Him.

The power of declaration or decree is the power of kings. It is spoken with confidence and authority such that everyone who hears it or hears of it are compelled to execute or carry it out. It sets in motion a series of events and circumstances that will culminate in the fulfilment of the objective of the declaration. When we declare the seven “I Am “ statements of Jesus and personalise it, we are releasing His kingdom power in this world and in our lives. We can declare it to ourselves daily and regularly. We can declare it appropriately to others in different circumstances of life. Every day and indeed, every hour we have a specific and different need- according to the need of the hour or day, we should declare the personalised declarations of Jesus. If we have a financial need, we declare, Jesus is My Bread of Life. If we are in a state of fear or in need of guidance, we declare, "Jesus is my Good Shepherd," if desirous of growth and fruitfulness, "He is my True Vine." If looking out for opportunities, we declare, "He is my Door of Opportunity and He will open the right door for me." When we declare in faith, we are sowing the seed of truth in the soil and soul of need. What is sown as tiny as a mustard seed in this manner has the potential of growing into a great and strong and fruitful tree.

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