Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Alpha of Communication

Uv2977/10000 The Alpha of Communication
Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.
Colossians 4 v 6
The Lord God gives a lot of priority or importance to wholesome communication for He brought into being all of creation by His word. The single most important cause of human joy as well as misery is speech. Like the prophet Isaiah confessed, “ We are people of unclean lips.” We need a divine teaching, divine touching and training in righteous speech for our lips are naturally prone to lies, prone to using negative words, prone to foul language, prone to boastfulness and conceit, prone to give expression to anger, insults, retorts. Like a bit is used to control a powerful horse and make it go in the direction and speed the rider wants, so also we need to put the Word as a bit in our mouths to make our powerful but uncontrollable tongues take our lives in the right direction and pace. We need to train our tongues to take the negativity or power of death out of our mouths, tongues, hearts and lives and to be covered with positivity or the power of life. When I was in primary school, the class teacher would literally produce a soap for a student to wash his mouth if he happened to use a bad word or profanity or curse. We should constantly and daily wash our tongues with the Word and its alpha power or the power of God would be released to cleanse and make our mouths and tongues and vocal chords to act in unison with our hearts and minds to be agents of encouragement, edification, healing, deliverance and wisdom.

A young dance trainer came to invite me recently for a classical dance recital by her students. When I asked her the duration and process of the training her students went through, she replied that they first learn the alphabets of dancing- the various basics, gestures and movements before they master the nuances of language or dance proper. Likewise, on every aspect of life, the Word of God contains the alphabet or basics of that aspect. For instance, on communication, there are more than forty verses in scripture which includes admonitions, exhortations, models, guidelines, precepts, principles, promises, proverbs. When we refer to the Alpha of communication, we are speaking of the essence of these forty verses on good communication vide scripture.

In the above uni-verse, it asks us to ensure that our speech is _always_ gracious. Not sometimes or often but always. How do we do it? By training in righteous speech with the aid of the Word of God. The Word is the salt that makes our words tasty or gracious. The Word is the salt that enables us to use our words to preserve and promote peace and goodwill among men. The Word disinfects our tongues and speech of all that contaminates our lives. Our learning the alphabet of communication from the Word will enable us to apply the language of grace in all situations at all times or Omega- the completion or mastery of communication.

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