Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Alpha of Desire

UV 2994/10000 The Alpha of Desire
Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
Psalm 37 v 4
Unlike Buddha who considered desire to be the root of evil, the Bible divides desires into good and evil desires. The way we are wired, each of us has many desires and types of desires- physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, financial. God does not grant our every desire as an over indulgent parent does to the detriment of his or her child. He grants the desires of our hearts- the desires that would contribute to building our character, our spiritual fruit. The condition is that we need to delight in the Lord as it is written in the Song of Solomon. We need to delight in the Lord as one would delight on an apple tree in the midst of the woods. We should love to rest in the shadow of the Almighty and we should find the spiritual fruit of love, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit sweet and delectable to taste. Our relationship with our Beloved- the Lord Jesus needs to be the outstanding relationship of our lives and all other relationships are mere branches of this fruitful tree.
The desires of our hearts are the true ones that contribute to building our faith and not harm or destroy it. When we delight in the word of the Lord, He gives us these heart-felt desires. We find our joy and strength in the hope we have in Jesus. Jesus said, “ If you abide in Me and my words abide in you, ask whatever you will and it will be given unto you.” We need to delight in living in and with Jesus and delight in the living words of Jesus that live in us. The Lord desires are given priority over our own desires. He desires faith, truth, justice, righteousness and integrity in our lives. When we satisfy Him with such spiritual fruit abounding in our lives, He does not hesitate to satisfy our desires.

The Lord desires that our lives be overflowing with joy and He has no intention to depress or sadden us in any way. When we have the Alpha or the good root of faith in Jesus, it is bound to grow and bear good results or fruit. It is a good practice to write down our desires and our requests to the Lord to fulfil it. Over time and our lives, we will many desires fulfilled much more than we expected or asked or imagined. The Word ensures that our hearts are aligned with the heart of the Lord. Once our hearts are so aligned, the Lord will not withhold anything good that we desire or ask.

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