Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Abundance in Famine

UV 593/10,000 Solution for Recession “They shall not be ashamed in the evil time: and in the days of famine they shall be satisfied.” Psalms 37 v 19 The Lord protects us in the times of evil and provides for us in times of famine. So much so, we will not be ashamed or in peril of perishing. The Lord will honour our faith by vindicating us. He will induce His power and wisdom in us. He will set in motion miracles when our known supply lines dry up. When Elijah was facing famine, the Lord sent a raven to feed him by the brook of Kidron. When the brook dried up, He sent him to a widow to perform the miracle of abundance out of the scarce resources of that widow. Many critical thinkers have realized that the USA and European Union countries are facing frequent economic and other crises on account of the famine of faith in these countries and the fact that much of the population have moved away ( in their beliefs and lifestyle) from the Lord who had prospered and preserved them in adversity. Evil besets or ensnares the ungodly suddenly just as fish are caught in a net or birds are snared. A person may think that everything is going swimmingly for him or her. But, all of a sudden he or she is caught in an evil net. A person may think he or she is high flyer and his career or business is literally taking off the ground. But, suddenly their calculations are proved to be wrong, their many plans become illusions. But, the Lord knows the days and ways of the upright in faith, those who desire to stay connected with Him. He knows what is their need well ahead of time and sends people, circumstances and ministering spirits to deliver them from the snares ahead. The Lord plans to deliver their souls from death and to satisfy them in a year of drought and famine or in a time of recession. When the entire Middle East was facing drought and starvation, God raised up Joseph ahead of time to be the one who provides wheat and sustenance to his father Jacob and his eleven brothers to preserve the family from death and destruction. In a time of prayer last week, the Lord revealed, “ I have done countless miracles for you.” He has indeed preserved us in a time of evil. When I recovered from momentary unconsciousness in the world’s first human bomb assassination of the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, the first thought that struck my mind was “ What an evil world this is?” Then, I cried out in pain, “ Jesus, Jesus – save us.” Jesus is indeed the source of salvation, provision and preservation. He will cover us with His feathers and His Shekinah glory. He has prospered us even in this time of recession. Prateep V Philip

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