Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Designed for Success, Programmed for Failure

UV 571/10,000 Genesis 3 v 5 Designed for Success, Programmed for Failure “For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil." Mankind is designed for success but programmed for failure. For man believed in the lie or lies told by Satan. Our original program that God had created us with was a program for success, for health, for eternity, for happiness, for dominion, for propagation, for strength and for peace. Man’s eyes were not opened but rather blinded to the reality of good. Our life itself became nothing but a progressive death right from the moment of birth. An impenetrable curtain separated life and death, God and man. Hereafter, the reality of good or the creative aspect of man’s personality that was derived from the Creator who knows only good became only a possibility that was contingent on the choices we made consciously in life. Life was split into the natural and the spiritual, the physical and the spiritual, the temporal and the eternal. Our personality and psyche was split. Every one of us is a mix of good and evil. Our intellectual, emotional and spiritual software is glitched. Our choices and our circumstances determine the exact proportion of good and evil, the positive and the negative, the creative and the destructive. A computer with a glitched software cannot claim that it will repair itself. Only the Designer has the know-how to fix the bug or remove the glitch in the software. God sent the Word or Jesus to fix the bug in our human nature. Our eyes will be opened once more to the reality of absolute and not relative goodness. The vision of Jesus that blinded St Paul on the road to Damascus caused the scales on his eyes to fall off. He stopped believing in the lies and half-truths that he was conditioned from birth to believe as truth. He came to know the whole truth and the truth set him free. He was now driven by the Word to act in accordance with the truth. His programming had changed from a passion to eliminate and persecute the people of the new faith to “ I can do all things in Christ Jesus who strengthens me.” His belief in inadequacy of resources and abilities changed to the confidence that “ My God shall supply all my need according to His riches in glory.” The process of transformation of our programming is first, belief in Jesus, then, knowledge of the Word or logos and finally,change in our reasoning,emotions,passion,priorities, speech and action. Once we are re-programmed, we are once more ready to fulfill the purpose for which we were designed: wholesome success or Shalom, peace and joy. Our programming will not work at cross purposes with our design. The impenetrable curtain that separated man and God was torn from the top down. The cross of Christ ironically is a vertical stroke from above that cuts a horizontal minus sign. God thereby took all our little “pluses and minuses” or good and bad, positives and negatives and turned it into the cross of Christ. Prateep V Philip

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