Sunday, November 18, 2012

Spiritual Life as a Scientific Experience

UV 583/10,000 Spiritual Life a Scientific or Empiritical Experience “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” The earth was in the beginning like the other eight planets, formless, void or empty and dark. The eight planets remain lifeless to this day and are the control planets to show what the Earth would be like but for the plan of God to populate it. Every blade of grass, every drop of rain, every peal of laughter, every whiff of wind bear the fingerprint of the Creator. The Spirit of God moved or hovered upon the face of the waters to separate the light from darkness, the night from day, the land from sea. The other day, I heard a chemistry teacher explain that water alone of all the liquids is most dense at 4 degrees centigrade and hence, sinks to sustain life below the surface even when the surface is frozen at 0 degrees centigrade. Can any scientist explain why such an exception was made in nature? No wonder Einstein wrote that " there are only two ways to live: as if everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle." Even today the Spirit moves upon the depth of our souls to separate reason and doubt, hope and fear, love and hatred, joy and sadness. But for the Spirit breathing life into our spiritual nostrils, we would be leading shapeless, directionless and dark lives. It is impossible to understand history or philosophy or science without an understanding of who God really is. Every verse in Scripture is like the hypothesis of a scientist. It is to be tested empirically in our real-life experience just as a scientist does experiments to prove a hypothesis. No one is big enough to experiment with truth but every one can experience truth. However, short or long our lives are, we will find time and space and opportunity to experience truth and the move of the Spirit of God upon our souls. It is such a great privilege to have the Creator of the universe interfacing and interacting within the depth of our souls and spirits to give a shape to our lives, a direction to our steps, a vision to our eyes. He fills and fulfills us in every way. He moves on the surface of the depth of our beings: our inner thoughts, our deep desires,our deepest feelings, our hope and longing. Without Him we will be as lifeless and empty as the eight control planets but with Him, we will flourish and thrive. He separates us from the rest of creation to be the crowning glory of the Creator. He leaves the choice with each one of us: whether to flourish or to perish. He spoke to the universe: “ let there be light” but to us He says, “ let there be faith.” Prateep V Philip

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