Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Root, the Branch and the Dew

UV 589/10,000 The Root and the Dew “ My root was spread out by the waters, and the dew lay all night upon my branch” Job 29 v 19 Our root is our “ souls”, our minds, our consciousness. When our minds, implying our intellect, conscious and subconscious, our emotions and will, are growing deep roots into the subsoil of the Word of God- implying that we take efforts to understand the inner spiritual meaning of the Word and apply it in our lives, the “ dew” of the Lord will lie upon our “ branch” or upon all that we are, all that we do and all that we have. The “waters” are the living waters of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. When we saturate our minds with the Holy Spirit and the Word, rivers of life-giving, life-enhancing and life-empowering water will flow out of our minds, our mouths and our lives as a natural outflow. Our “ branch” or our life needs to be grafted onto the root of David, Jesus Christ. When it is so grafted, it will be evergreen and live forever. The “dew of Hermon” or the dew of Heaven will make our “ branch” or our lives fruitful. The “ dew” is the moisture in the atmosphere that condenses on leaves and branches of plants. It has a cooling effect in the summer heat. It softens, renews and re-vitalizes the plants. Similarly, the Lord promises that when we are rooted in the Word and the Word spreads out to influence all spheres or domains of our lives, then the dew of His compassion will lie or rest upon us. His assuring presence will comfort us. The dew of His favour will be upon all that we do, giving us success in all aspects of life. Our need, physical, spiritual, social, emotional and financial will be met. Even in the darkness of night or unfavourable circumstances, He will bless us. Even when we are resting, He will provide for us. When the dew forms, it lies not just on one branch but on all branches of a tree or plant. Similarly, all that we do and are will be blessed. The dew is a symbol or metaphor of God’s grace. Just as a tree is covered or clothed with moisture by the morning dew, we will be clothed with God’s grace. No aspect of our lives will remain untouched. But, just as dew forms in the darkest hour before dawn, we need to wait for the appointed hour for God’s grace to manifest in different areas of our lives. Just as dew is formed every night but in different proportions depending on the weather, the dew of the Lord’s grace and mercy will be upon us all the days of our lives. Indeed, the “ tender mercies of the Lord never ceases.” They are fresh every morning and are certain. Just as the mercy of the Lord never ceases, we should never cease to bear spiritual fruit for the glory or the honour and satisfaction of the Lord. Prateep V Philip

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