Thursday, November 22, 2012

What is Written and What is not

UV 587/10,000 It is Written… “From one man He made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the earth; and He determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live” Acts 17 v 26 It is amazing that though there are so many cultural differences and differences in belief and lifestyle of different races, people everywhere are fundamentally the same with the same basic principles of life holding good in every nation. It underlines the fact that we all descended from one man- Adam. The concept of pre-determination is a much misunderstood idea. What part of our lives, if at all is pre-determined? What part of our lives do we have control over? This uni-verse states that God made every nation of men. Just as we inhabit the earth, the Lord God should inhabit us. He is the author of life as well as of salvation of mankind. As the author, He wrote the instructions in the first cell that then divided, multiplied and diversified into the human being, the crowning glory of all of His creation. Hence, it is written into our DNA the instructions on the development of our physical being. This uni-verse also states that the Lord has determined the times and the exact places where we should live. He has written the bounds of our habitations and our lifetime. He has set us in own little Adens. We need not blame Adam alone now, for people everywhere in every generation have proven their capacity to turn Eden into a den. Hence, there are two types of writing of pre-determination: what the Lord God has written in our DNA, what He has written regarding where we should live and the times when we should live. The third type of writing is what we ourselves of our own free will write with our thoughts, words, emotions and actions. We are free to write our own goals and to pursue these. We write our own eternal and earthly destiny by the choices we make within the boundaries God has set. When we surrender the pen of our faith to the Lord, He helps us write the kind of life that He alone can inspire. It is tragic that many through history and space have surrendered their precious lives to the fictional control of stars, numbers and such other figments of the human imagination. Prateep V Philip

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