Friday, February 15, 2013

Attitudes towards Authorities

UV 667/10,000 Attitudes towards Authorities For kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness 1 Timothy 2 v2 Every person in a position of power and authority, whether elected or selected is placed there by the will and purpose of God. Hence, the Word consistently asks us to respect and obey their ordinances or orders for the sake of orderliness, peace and progress in our lives. Grace and peace come from God but civil peace and progress are facilitated by the actions and policies of persons in authority. God has authorized the authorities. We are exhorted not just to obey the authorities but to pray and thank God for them. We need to pray for justice and peace in our land, for wisdom and insight to be given in ever greater measure to such persons so that they will administer according to the will of God and not according to their whim and pleasure. St Paul calls them “ ministers” or servants of God. We need to pay all our dues to the authorities. It is a double blessing or anointing when the authorities themselves are godly and eager to serve God. Those of us who believe in the Lord and serve in government are called the elect of God. We need to pray that more and more the elect of God replace the ruling elite of the world. Plato and the Greek thinkers wrote that the state came into existence for the sake of good life for citizens. But, the Word says that the state and its authorities exist so that people may pursue holiness and godliness. There is a small difference of the letter “a” between beast and best and the “a” stands for attitudes. The human spectrum moves from the beast or human beings who imitate beasts and have no sense of fear of God or conscience to the Best- Jesus Christ. The laws and authorities are intended to control those whose attitudes, behaviour and conduct edge towards the beastliness and prevent them from harming or hindering those whose sole desire is to move towards the best. Only the former need to fear the authorities who can punish them while the latter can work on their godly attitudes so that they move closer and closer towards being the Best. We need to pray that the Lord will change the minds of rulers and authorities as easily as He changes the course of rivers so that they serve everyone in accordance with His will. Prateep V Philip

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