Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Mind of Christ

UV 675/10,000 The mind of Christ Your attitude should be same as`that of Christ Jesus Phillipian 2 v 5 As followers of Jesus, we are exhorted to have the mind of Christ. Mind consists of thoughts, emotions and will. The product of thoughts,emotions and will are our words, actions and reaction. Our attitude is our mental address, our id that determines our identity. God is interested in our attitude. He was`pleased with the`attitude of David. He was`delighted with the`attitude of Christ. Jesus’s attitude of humility and obedience led`God to commend Him as His beloved Son. Attitude is a mix of thought, emotion and commitment to decide and act. The quickest, surest and most effective way of transforming human lives is to work on attitudes. It is transformation from within the individual. Jesus in the`sermon on the Mount enumerated`ten beautiful attitudes that constitute what we can call the mind of Christ: repentance in spirit or a recognition of spiritual poverty, a sense of compassion for the lost, helpless and unsaved, meekness that will keep us from repaying others in the same coin, an intense desire for righteousness, a merciful attitude , purity of thought, words and desires, desire for peace, an endurance of persecution, desire to do good to others and so reflect the goodness of God, an attitude of generosity and love for enemies. When we practice constantly these ten attitudes, we aim to imitate the perfection of God. When we practice these attitudes, we are like the wise man who built his house on rock and the storms of life will not affect us adversely. None of us can possibly be perfect like God or have the same attitude of Christ all through our lives. But, when we sincerely attempt to do so, the Lord adds His grace and makes our thoughts, emotions and actions perfect in the sight of God. One practical way of practising these ten beautiful attitudes is to tie or identify each of the ten attitudes with each finger of the hand and from time to time during the day check our attitudes in that area. Cultivating beautiful attitudes will result in an inner beauty and a beautiful life. As someone said, " The only true beauty is the inner beauty of the soul." Prateep V Philip

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