Saturday, February 9, 2013

The River of Healing

UV 661/10,000 The River of Healing Elisha sent a messenger to him, “ Go, wash yourself seven times in the Jordan, and your flesh will be restored and you will be cleansed.” 2 Kings 5 v 10 Naaman was perhaps one of the few lepers in history to be the commander in chief of a whole army. The Jewish servant of his wife proved to be the signboard to point him to the Lord God of Israel to meet his need. When we see people around us with all kinds of needs, of healing and restoration, of sorrow and pain, of helplessness, we too can play the role of a signboard to them to point them in the direction of the One who can meet all needs. Why did leprosy cling to Naaman? Was it a generational curse or the consequence of individual sin? We do not know but we know that the waters of God’s Word washes us, cleanses us of all sin and its consequences and finally, heals and restores us to the pink of the health of a young boy. Naaman accepted the suggestion of his wife’s servant and went to Israel. The king of Israel tore his robes in frustration on hearing of the request of the king of Aram that he heal his servant Naaman. The king of Israel asked, “ Am I God?” He was not but he should have known the God of Israel who can slay and bring back to life as He did much later with His Son Jesus. Elisha the prophet on hearing that the king of Israel had rent his robes, offered to heal Naaman. When Naaman reached the door of Elisha’s house, the latter merely asked him to go and wash himself seven times in the waters of the Jordan river. Naaman felt slighted and was about to return to Aram in a huff but again his servants persuaded him that he should just do this simple act of faith. We too need to listen to those who are below us in rank or position- sometimes the Lord will have a word for us through them. The river Jordan is a symbol of the ever flowing healing power of Jehovah Rapha. All who touch this bank even an unbeliever like Naaman would get healed. We need to dip in this river seven times a day. The Lord reminded us recently that the whole of last year “ No one in your family fell sick but were healthy all through the year. It is my grace.” As we dip in the river of the Lord’s healing repeatedly, we will be healed and restored. The number seven denotes completeness or wholeness. The Lord made seven continents, seven oceans, seven days of the week, seven colours of the rainbow. The healing of the Lord is meant for the people of all continents, backgrounds and classes. As we dip in Him and His Word seven times a day as King David did, we will be strengthened, healed and restored to wholeness in spirit, mind and body. A dip in a river takes a few seconds. A dip does not mean we interrupt what we are doing but while we are at our work, we remember the Lord and wash and cleanse ourselves in that remembrance. We must never let our spirit to be dry for too long but we should dip ourselves seven times in the river of cleansing and healing of the Holy Spirit. Prateep V Philip

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