Thursday, August 24, 2017

Absolute Positivity and Absolute Fulfilment

UV 2756/10000 Absolute Positivity and Absolute Fulfilment
For all the promises of God in him are yea, and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us.
2 Corinthians 1 v 20

Jesus is the Yes and Amen of God. He alone of all who are born of women proved Himself to be perfect in all His ways and all His words. He is hundred per cent positivity unlike all of us who can be only partially positive. This is the reason there is always a gap between our goals and perceptions and the reality of our fulfilment of those goals and perceptions. The enemy has bruised our heads internally so that we think negative, speak negative and act negative. Only Jesus is the embodiment of absolute positivity. He is also the hope of absolute fulfilment of that which we hope for. This absolute positivity and grace of God that dwelt fully in Him gave Him authority over the visible and invisible world. He could during His earthly sojourn exert such power over the material world, over all types of diseases, over storms, over death itself culminating in His glorious resurrection. We need His grace and help to counter and negate the negativities of our lives in terms of sin, curses, diseases, death, fears, doubts, death. He crushed the enemy’s head so that all these otherwise deadly factors do not affect people who are the parts of His extended body. The cross is the symbol of the cancellation from above and in eternity of all our negativities. In so doing, He is the Lord Amen or the One who hears the prayers and fulfils the hope in human hearts.
When we are grafted onto Jesus by faith which is belief in our hearts and confession with our mouths, we inherit the right to claim all the promises of God to mankind contained in scripture. That faith or hope is not a one time belief and that confession is not a one time confession but a commitment to maintain and increase the constancy of our hope and the expression of that hope communicated in our spoken words as well as our communication to the Lord in the form of prayer. Jesus is the One who sees the movement of our lips and the inexpressible sounds of hope in our hearts even as the priest Eli saw Hannah. Unlike Eli who did not perceive that Hannah was not drunk as he thought but was burdened with her barrenness, Jesus as our accessible and intimate High Priest knows and understands precisely what we personally need and hope for.
Faith is like a deposit of spiritual treasure in our hearts. It should not reduce with time but increase as we experience the fulfilment of the promises we have received and believed and claimed. We need to guard and increase the faith deposits with the help of the Holy Spirit. Christ in us is the Yes and Amen as well as the hope of glory of God or the greatness of the Lord. Christ in us and we in Christ are not only able to obtain the fulfilment of the promises but also the explicit and implicit obedience of the commandments and precepts of the Lord. Jesus is the One who seals us with the Holy Spirit who revives us and causes our faith to soar to greater and greater heights.

Prateep V Philip

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