Saturday, August 26, 2017


UV 2758/10000 Sin-Proof, Curse-Proof, Disease-Proof, Death Proof and Fool Proof
Make thee an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch.
Genesis 6 v 14
Jehovah asked Moses to cover the ark of wood with pitch within and without in order to make it water proof. Likewise, in this day and time, we are to cover ourselves not with pitch or tar but with the Balm of Gilead both inside and outside our homes, our bodies, our loved ones, our vehicles that transport us, our leaders, our fellow believers. The God-provided Balm of Gilead that cost Him a lot is the blood of the Lamb of God- the highest sacrifice- Jesus. When we cover ourselves both inside and outside with His shed blood, then we are sin- proof, disease-proof, curse-proof, defeat-proof, disaster-proof, death-proof, destruction-proof, deception-proof and fool proof. What greater hope or promise can we obtain this side of heaven?
If our medicine or panacea is the blood of Jesus and our faith in its curative properties, the divine Physician of Israel and of the world is Jesus. He is the Specialist of Specialists, Super Specialist of Super Specialists. His Balm works from within us to keep us from our natural lusts and pride and works from without to protect us from the viles and snares of the enemy and his agents. What then do we have to fear on earth?
The ark was made of gopher wood. Noah was given a specific plan to save the eight members of his family who became the progenitors again of humankind and of all races. We do not know what wood the cross on which Jesus died was made of. But He came as part of a specific plan of the Triune God to save not one family but potentially the whole of mankind and specifically, those who believed that this is the plan of God for the salvation of man. The blood-soaked wood of the cross, the body of Jesus emptied of all blood became the emblems of the promise of a sin-proof, curse-proof, disease-proof, death-proof, disaster-proof and defeat-proof life for all believers. What greater proof can we ask for of the love of the Lord?
Prateep V Philip

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