Thursday, August 31, 2017

Spiritual Battle, Tactics and Weapons

UV 2763/10000 Spiritual Battle, Tactics and Weapons
Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil
Ephesians 6 v 11
Scripture exhorts us to be strong in the might of the Lord. We are not to rely on our own strengths but upon the strength and power of the Lord. We are asked to put on or adorn ourselves with Christ. We are asked to put on the new man created in righteousness and holiness and in the image of Christ. Over the new man or our new character, we are to put on the full armour of God. The enemy of our souls constantly targets us. Each of us is a high value target for him. He chooses to attack different parts of our faith life- our thoughts, our desires, our emotions, our vision. We need to wear the helmet of hope in Christ on our heads so that our thinking is not confused or full of doubts, disturbed or distracted. The hope of witnessing or experiencing the great power, mercy and grace of the Lord keeps us battle-ready. We need to guard our inner vision with a visor so that the enemy does not blind us with the lust of the flesh.
No battle and not even a game can be won with only defensive weapons or tactics. We are to wear spiritual armour to engage in battle and not just watch from the side lines or pose as tourists do these day when they take snaps in castles. Warfare is not physical skirmishes but praying in the spirit and with authority over every power of darkness. While battling in the spirit we need to wear the breastplate of faith, love and righteousness as the enemy will target our vital organs- our heart of faith, our love for the Lord and our character. The shield of faith is to be used in every direction to thwart the attack that can come from 360 degrees. Even if a burning arrow of accusation of the enemy or of temptation or trial escapes through the defences and hits our shield or armour, it will just fall away without causing much damage.
The sword of the Word is our spiritual weapon of both defence and attack. It is double edged and affects us at the intellectual-emotional as well as deeper spiritual levels. It can easily penetrate the defences of the enemy and put him to rout. It can wrest victory in any issue or challenge we are facing in life. We need to use the Word not as a showpiece in our living rooms but as an effective tool and weapon of defence and attack. Our grip on the Word should be like the grip of Eliezer, one of Israel’s fighting men whose hand seemed to be fused into his sword. The enemy will try to loosen our grip on the Word but our constant sabre swinging will send him scurrying for cover. Like Gideon’s volunteer force of 300, we need to sound the battle cry of the trumpet of praise and worship. We drink the Word even as they lapped it up from their open palms as dogs drink milk. The torch of grace of God should shine through all the holes or weaknesses in our life’s pitcher.
Our armour should be held in place by the belt of truth. By cutting the belt of untruth of the enemy, exposing his deceptive and subtle ways, we can at the same time loosen his armour. Our feet and knees are covered so that we stay mobile and strong. Our shoes should be such that we can move rapidly and at the same time, take a strong stand. Our spiritual armour will cover the vulnerabilities of our spirits, minds and bodies from top to bottom. At all times, we should know that we are not fighting the battle alone but the Lord is with us in all His might. The victory over all the wiles of the enemy has been won on the cross by Christ. We only are to be battle-ready, take battle positions on the frontline.
Prateep V Philip

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