Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tasting Truth

UV 2755/10000 Tasting Truth
O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.
Psalm 34 v 8
We cannot test the Lord but we can taste Him. We cannot experiment with the Lord but we can experience Him. We can taste of the love and goodness of the Lord and check for ourselves the powers of the world to come here and now. We can experience the power of God over death, disease and sin. There are two ways we experience it: either as direct beneficiaries or as witnesses of the experiences or testimonies of others. We can taste the graciousness of the Lord. We can drink the pure and unadulterated word of God as milk. His word is meat for the strong and mature and milk for the young. We can chew on it or suck on it like honey from the honey comb. The leaves or the words of scripture are meant for the healing of nations while the fruit or the promises and commandments are meant for the entrenchment and expansion of our faith. Meditation on each word and phrase in scripture is the equivalent of chewing. We cannot test God but we can test the Word of God to verify if it is true and real in our lives. Like people are said to have a sweet tooth, we need a “truth tooth.” When we bite into and chew the word, it counters the effects of having eaten the forbidden fruit. We regain paradise. Instead of breaking faith with God and His word, we break bread with Him. We regain the trust in God and trust of God. We regain eternal life. He satisfies and satiates our souls with His truths as men delight in choice food like marrow and fatness. We are both blessed and as we share our blessings with others, we become a blessing.
With regard to physical food, we can only eat and enjoy up to the limits of our appetite. Beyond a point, we will vomit the food. Not so the goodness of the Lord. We can taste and be satisfied with even a little or we can increase our appetite and keep tasting and eating of the goodness, the greatness, the wisdom and the word of the Lord. As in the case of physical taste buds embedded in our tongues, we have different spiritual taste buds that enable us to enjoy the sweet, the hot and spicy, the bitter and the salty aspects of the Word of God. Unlike physical food that only benefits only our bodies, spiritual food benefits our whole being, spirits, minds and bodies. We can taste continually and abundantly of spiritual food. It is wholesome food meant for our holistic and eternal well being. When we taste God, His Son, the Holy Spirit and the Word, we taste Shalom- the Hebrew word for wholesome peace, joy, prosperity, health, wisdom…
The truth of this uni-verse is seen in Jesus asking His followers to partake symbolically of His own body and blood as a fellowship meal with the Lord God. When we partake of the communion after due repentance and spiritual preparation with thanksgiving, we are cleansed, strengthened and delivered of both iniquity and infirmity or weaknesses. In Revelation 3 verse 20, the Lord draws a picture of our life of faith as being a continual feast or a continuous fellowship meal with Him at the head of the table. The blessings that flow from our personal relationship with Him are like the many dishes on the table of which we partake and enjoy our lives. It is a foretaste of our life in heaven, the eternal banquet of the Bridegroom to which we are called.

Prateep V Philip

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