Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Word, Our Sword

UV 2754/10000 The Word, Our Sword
I have inclined mine heart to perform thy statutes always, even unto the end
Psalm 119 v 112
The book of Jeremiah in scripture states that the human heart is inexorably wicked and it is inclined to evil. But the word of God can cure us of evil and orient us towards goodness and godliness. How much value do we set by the Word of God? If we consider it the most valuable knowledge we can gain on earth, then we will be safeguarded from the natural evil of our hearts and flesh. We need to hold onto the gospel and the word as the most precious aspect of our lives till the very end of our lives. When we do so, all our godly goals and desires will be subsumed or fulfilled.
It is the inclination of our planet that produces different seasons and not the varying distance from the sun at different times of the year. Likewise, it is how we incline our heart towards the Sun of our lives, the Lord God that produces different seasons in our lives. He remains equidistant from us at all times but how we prepare our hearts to obey His laws contained in His word and hold onto His promises that determines the extent of our blessings in life. In different seasons of our lives, we should incline our hearts in a consistent manner to the Lord and His ways described in His word. Then, we will bear fruit in all seasons of our lives, gain from every experience, enjoy the heritage of the Lord as a co-heir with Christ. We will be like the trees described in the book of Revelation that bear different fruit according to the need every month of the year. The river that flows irrigating both banks on either side is a metaphor for blessing our lives on this bank- the earth and the other bank- in heaven or in eternity.
Moses used a clean knife to circumcise his first born, Gershom as a sign of dedication of the child to Jehovah. Today, our sharp weapon to circumcise our hearts and dedicate our lives is the sword of the spirit- the Word. It is double edged and penetrates to the deepest part of our being. One edge removes from our hearts what is not pleasing to the Lord and the second edge fills our hearts with what pleases the Lord. One edge deals with the curses of sin while the other edge delivers the blessings of obedience.
Prateep V Philip

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