Monday, April 16, 2018

Using Alpha Power to Deal with Anguish

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Using Alpha Power to Deal with Anguish
I called upon the LORD in distress: the LORD answered me, and set me in a large place.

Psalm 118 v 5

Jesus who was called the Man of Sorrow experienced the greatest anguish as He faced the greatest test of the cross on Calvary and the consequent separation from the Father in the first time in eternity. Even Jesus cried out to the Lord and His anguish was so great that it is written “ He sweated drops of blood” due to the great distress He suffered. Even on the cross, He cried out in anguish, “ My God, My God, why do you forsake Me?” God had forsaken Him for the sake of all mankind. Each of us also experience such anguish in our lives when no human help is of any avail and we cry out to the Lord from the depths of our souls. At that time, the Lord hears us and comforts us. He sends His word or His Alpha power to remove us from a place of sorrow to a place of great comfort, even an inexplicable joy though the circumstances that caused the anguish may not have changed a bit.

In this uni-verse, David who often faced such extreme distress gives testimony that when He cried out to the Lord in distress, the Lord heard him and released him from such distress. Hezekiah, the kiing also faced a wall – the end of his life and he cried out to the Lord and the Lord healed him and gave him an extension of life on earth by fifteen years. The King Asa felt distressed when he was facing the prospect of annihilation of his kingdom, his people and his rule by formidable enemies but as they worshipped and prayed to the Lord, the spectre of defeat was lifted and they emerged victorious against all odds. Often, we feel powerless, helpless and vulnerable when we confront such walls – a disease of a loved one or of self , a bereavement, an accident, a misfortune or financial crisis, powerful enemies, persecution and so on. At these times, the Lord inclines His ear to our mouth to hear our cries. Even our sighs do not go ignored by Him. He is mindful of us and sends us help in either human form or strength from within to endure.

The Psalmist records that He gives us a new song or a new reason to be joyful, thankful and worshipful. He manifests or gives evidence of His presence near us. We no longer feel isolated, alone, forlorn, distressed. Faith is knowing the reality of the Alpha power of the Lord to rescue us in any and every situation that life or the enemy can throw at us. It enables us to never lose hope and to never give up. The phrase in the uni-verse, “ He sets my feet in a large room,” implies that on the strong foundation of faith, the Lord establishes us. He enlarges the paths in which we walk so that we do not slip or stumble. Our trust in the Lord gives us a sense of freedom from angst, freedom from frustration and desperation.
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