Friday, April 27, 2018

Using Alpha Power to Deal with Bitterness

UV 2931/10000 Using Alpha Power to Deal with Bitterness
Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice
Ephesians 4 v 31

Many believers become fruitless as bitterness enters their hearts over real or imagined hurts, grievances, grudges held against others. This uni-verse directs us to get rid of every trace of bitterness, wrath and malice from our hearts. When we do not forgive those who knowingly or unknowingly erred against us, it turns into bitterness. Bitterness affects our hearts and our relationships. Many marriages turn sour due to bitterness between the partners over words spoken, actions and reactions. Bitterness affects the leadership. It affects our own walk with God as He forgives with the same measure we forgive others.

A bitter memory or thought held in our hearts and minds for a period of time turns into anger, conflicts, gossip, vengeance and so on. We need to use the Alpha power of Jesus to get rid of the root of bitterness in our hearts and minds. Like Jesus spoke to the fig tree and its roots withered, we can and should speak the word to the root of bitterness in our lives. Bitterness even affects the health of the one who is embittered. Sometimes, bitterness develops among the thickest of friends over seemingly minor matters. Hence, we need to be constantly wary of such an attitude developing and taking over our thoughts.

Bitterness gets expressed in our speech. Hence, we need to be watchful of our words all the time. Every day of our lives we need to introspect, identify the root of bitterness and hand it over to Jesus, the Alpha. He will help and enable us to deal with bitterness effectively and over time we will learn to get rid of our natural tendency to hold things against people. We should realize that since we are not perfect, other people too are likewise not perfect and bound to commit something that offends us in some way. The ability to deal with bitterness is a sign of our spiritual maturity.

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