Sunday, April 15, 2018

Using Alpha Power to Deal with Anxiety

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Using Alpha Power to Deal with Anxiety
Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

Philippians 4 v 6

Alpha power is the ability of Jesus. During His earthly sojourn that was cruelly interrupted by His crucifixion but continued for forty days after His glorious resurrection, He proved Himself to solve every human problem and predicament. He solved the issue of scarcity when the hosts at the marriage at Canna were beginning to worry about the wine running out. He solved the issues that were at the root of anxiety in a variety of situations covering the whole gamut of life from birth to death. He solved the root issues of human anxiety of sin, judgement, curses, death, disease and spiritual poverty. It is not as if His Alpha power was withdrawn with His ascension to heaven but given to us in the form and gifts of the Holy Spirit whom He promised to send to all who truly believed Him and accepted into their hearts and lives. Jesus addressed the issue of anxiety or worry. He said, “ Do not worry for it cannot add a single inch to your height or change even a single hair from white to black.” He pointed out the birds that did not have to worry about food or clothing or shelter, that they did not have to store for the morrow. He said that we do not have to worry as God cares for us much more than He cares for many sparrows or birds.

It is an irony that Martha was weighed down by many worries, cares and burdens that she could not enjoy the fellowship with the Lord of life. Mary who was single-minded in her devotion to Jesus and listening hung on every word He spoke and had no burden on her mind. Great prayer warriors were former worriers who transformed their habit of worrying into a continual act of prayer, worship and adoration. The Word of God or Alpha asks us to cast all our worries or burdens on the Lord. We cast it on Him in times of prayer. We commit all the issues that worry us to the Lord and He will lift our heavy yoke and give us a lighter yoke- the kingdom of God to be concerned about. It is not as if are called to lead a carefree life or be indifferent to the pressing problems of our lives and of our age but that we trust the Lord to either help us endure it or end it with His help or grace. The uni-verse above asks us to make known our requests to the Lord with prayer, personal supplication or persistent asking in faith with thanksgiving as if the Lord has already given us the grace to endure it or the power or resources or opportunity to end it.

Psychologists and psychiatrists around the world are of the view today that anxiety has grown to pandemic proportions and affects the vast majority of people of all backgrounds, ages and nationalities. Excessive anxiety produces ill health- mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Faith in Jesus and His power to solve any and every human problem is a panacea, a healer like the Balm of Gilead that calms us of all our hidden or overt anxieties. The Alpha power of Christ enables us to go to the very root of anxiety and cut it, eradicate it, uproot it from our lives. We can turn our worries into a source of knowing the Lord intimately and experiencing His power in a very real and deep way. When a cause of anxiety is resolved, it becomes a source of joy and worship and gratitude to the Lord. When it is not resolved in our lifetime, it becomes a source of building strength, resilience, patience and the power to endure. The Lord will provide clefts or places of shelter in the rock of His presence in the midst of our storms. The more we trust in the Lord, the less we will be anxious. When we trust Him with all our hearts, there will be no room there for anxiety.

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