Monday, October 22, 2012

A Life of Inspiration

UV 556/10,000 A Life of Inspiration Gen 2 v 7 “And the Lord God formed man of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.” Life is itself caused by inspiration. We were inspired by the very breath and spirit of God. Hence, if we are not living a life of inspiration, inspired by God and inspiring others we are the dead walking. Since we are formed of the ground, of its dust, we have an earthy and down to earth nature of being practical, pragmatic and obsessed with the tangible. We accept only the physical realities around us and the limitations it imposes on us. We believe only in the possible. We can be oriented towards the practical and the tangible or material but we must never be obsessed with the physicality of life. We are spiritual beings having a part time human existence and not human beings having a part time spiritual life. The reality of course today is that many people have living bodies but dead souls. We need to have a living soul inside our living bodies- a soul that acknowledges and adores the God who inspires us. If we recognize the fact that none of us made ourselves and nothing happens in this scientific world without a cause, then we need to believe in the unseen God who is our Maker, Creator, Potter, Father and Sustainer. We need to not only clothe and feed our physical bodies but also feed and clothe our living soul deep inside us. We need to feed our souls not just once in a way or once in a week but every day and all the time. We need to believe in the God of the Impossible. We need to constantly inspire or breathe in scripture that is God-breathed. Scripture is the spiritual equivalent of oxygen. When we so inspire, our souls will never expire. There is a downward gravitational pull on our bodies and an upward pull on our souls. The earth says, “ You are made from me- you belong to me. You stay here.” But God says, “ You are made by Me, of Me and for Me.” That incidentally is the definition of a believer- a believer is made by God, of God and for God. We re-connect with God through Christ and remain inspired by His Word and the Holy Spirit. To inspire means to be more and to do more. When we inspire others, they end up being more and doing more. Prateep V Philip Listen to the spoken Word UV 556 by cutting and pasting the url below in your browser:

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  1. The podcast is excellent Annan. A true blessing. Congrats and prayers for our Lord's richest blessings on the evolution of UV from the written to the spoken word!