Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Royal Priesthood

UV 540/10,000 Revelation 1 v 6 Royal Priesthood Rev 1:6 AndG2532 hath madeG4160 usG2248 kingsG935 andG2532 priestsG2409 unto GodG2316 andG2532 hisG848 Father;G3962 to himG846 be gloryG1391 andG2532 dominionG2904 for ever and ever.G1519 G165 G165 Amen.G281 Christ by his sacrificial death on the cross of Calvary purchased for us with His blood salvation or eternal life, implying that we will not be subject to a second spiritual death after our spirits depart from our physical bodies. But, not just that He has made us kings and priests or part of a royal priesthood in the order of Melchizedek. We are not born kings and priests but He has made us so. Hence, we derive our authority from the Lord. We must always remain accountable and thankful to Him for the exercise of godly authority and priestly office. As kings we have authority over all rulers and princes of darkness. We can wage spiritual warfare to claim back souls and to extend the dominions of God. Mechizedek was paid a tribute by Abraham. Similarly, we will eat of the fruits of the Gentiles or unbelievers. People in position and power will tremble and fear when they encounter us as they see God’s inner power at work in us. He has called us from the spiritual darkness or blindness of this world into the light or full vision of His glory. As kings we must make plans for the extension of God’s authority and power in the areas of our influence. As priests we must lead sanctified or pure lives. As priests we must offer prayers and worship on behalf of all the people we know who do not yet know, understand or believe Him. As kings we execute the will of God on earth. As priests we are His ministers to serve Him in all our ways. We can stand in the gap pleading and interceding for nations or the rest of humanity. The Lord will not remain deaf or mute as we plead with Him. He will send His angels, His spirit servants and even His servants in flesh and blood, believers to help us, to facilitate our work or to fructify our plans. As kings we need to be firm in the exercise of power and authority but as priests we need to be meek, compassionate, understanding and patient. The Holy Spirit once affirmed me through the words of a prophet, “ You know how to handle authority with humility and firmness.” Once I read in the paper that an astrologer predicted big disasters through out the world in a particular year. I prayed not just cancelling the power of that prediction, I prayed for the particular astrologer. The latter and his wife saw and testified to seeing a vision of Jesus. As kings we need to pass decrees by mingling our prayers with the Word of God declaring and proclaiming victory over every power of darkness. Then, the Lord will ordain and order even the forces of nature to work to help us or assist us in our task. Many leaders try to echo the thoughts of new age philosophers who say that when we are pursuing a particular purpose, even the universe will conspire to create circumstances favourable to us. This is a myth. The universe is as inert as a piece of wood or iron. It is the Creator of the Universe who ordains and orders our circumstances. All glory and dominion are meant not for the creation but for the Creator, the Father of lights. Prateep V Philip

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