Sunday, October 7, 2012

Treasures in Earthen Pots

UV 541/10,000 2 Corinthians 4 v 7 Treasures in Earthen pots 2Co 4:7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us. We have a choice to be a golden pot that is either empty or full of poor content or to be an earthen pot full of golden treasure. Most of the icons of sports, entertainment,politics, science and technology and culture fall in the former category. The very word, ‘icon” means “ I con” or I deceive and am deceived. Take the case of one of the best known icons of our times, Tiger Woods. He admitted he was deceiving his family, his friends, his admirers, his fans and above all his own true self as he carried on with several extra-marital liaisons. A better alternative is “ I believe”for we who believe are earthen vessels that are full of the treasure of heaven, the personal knowledge of our Creator-Redeemer, the knowledge of His Word, the excellency of the power of God. Unlike the icons of glamour and earthly power or position, we revel not in our external prestige or qualifications or qualities but we empty ourselves of our own egos so that God fills us. As a student I used to define myself as “ a mediocrity striving for excellence.” But, the Lord told me that I don’t have to strive for excellence. Since I am carrying His name and His Word in my heart and mind, I am excellent by virtue of the fact that the God of excellence dwells inside me. Since we are all made of the same clay, we need not strive with each other as rivals or adversaries. We need not be envious of the golden pots who seem so fortunate as we know we contain a far more enduring and precious treasure. Like the widow’s pot in the Elisha story, our pots are initially empty. But, as we believe and obey the Word of God, our pots get filled to overflowing. Faith creates the space in our minds and hearts to be filled with the excellency or abounding measure of the mercy, grace and truth of God. The source of our personal or professional excellence is not anything that we ourselves have attempted or done but it is the power of God working in us. Since we are filled with the excellency of the power and grace of God, we cannot be ordinary or average or mediocre in our lives and its impact. When people look at us, we have no visible external beauty or charisma. But, the secret of our strength and power lies within us. The “ treasure” that we contain is the faith that the Holy Spirit gifts us with. The promises of God contained in the Word are the treasure that we should cherish and relish. The vision, the prophetic word, the dreams that the Lord places in our lives are part of the inner treasure. Our heart is where our treasure lies. We must from time to time taking out this hidden spiritual treasure and take stock, remembering the Lord with thanksgiving. Since none of it is due to our own doing or accomplishment, it will not be the source of pride, lust or covetousness in our lives. Prateep V Philip

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