Wednesday, October 10, 2012

God's Positioning System

UV 544/10,000 Isaiah 30 v 21 “And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.” The Spirit of the Lord keeps prompting us at strategic points in our lives as to the practical decisions we are to take, the paths we have to traverse. The Lord is always behind us solidly like a rock egging us on. He likes to pariticipate, be involved and partner with us in literally leading our lives. He indicates the turning points in our lives, the decisive or defining moments in our lives when we should change direction or shift gears. He indicates when we need to slow down and when we need to accelerate. It is like a spiritual GPS or “God’s Positioning System.” Everything is mapped in advance but it is for us to hear the voice of the GPS to turn left or right or to keep moving straight ahead. He knows the roadblocks we are going to encounter ahead. He knows whether there is a cliff with a “ death fall” ahead. He desires that we prosper and profit but not on our terms but on His. We need to be sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit as it will come like a whisper in our inner ears. We should not allow the din of our own desires and the seductions of the world to drown it. If we do, then we miss the leading of the Lord. A few weeks ago, I spent some considerable time to carefully arrange some very important documents in a file and remember to have carefully kept it on the top of a drawer. The next morning when I looked for the file, I found no sign of it. All kinds of thoughts raced into my mind as to the consequences of the file not being traced. Then as I spread-eagled myself on the floor, asking for “ the answer of peace” it was almost as if I was bodily lifted. I heard an inner voice telling me, “ look behind the drawer.” I got to my feet, rushed and tried to put my fingers throw the narrow gap behind the drawer and found some paper. Later, a carpenter opened the drawer and I was able to retrieve the file. The Lord told me, “ when you have panicked at several moments in your life, I rushed to your side and guided you on what you need to do.” The words, “ This is the way” indicates the specificity, accuracy and timeliness of the Lord’s guidance at our points of need. In the parable of the old poor woman who lost her only gold coin, she prayed and the Lord guided her to find her treasured possession. Similarly, when we pray the Lord leads us to discovery and revelation of a treasured truth. Apparently, even He enjoys the thrill of a treasure hunt. There is no easy giveaway in the faith-life. The words “ walk ye in it” implies that we must respond to the voice of the Lord with implicit and explicit obedience, with an attitude of submission, trust and confidence. We must be committed to “ die “ to our own wills, whims and fancies. “ Die” implies we need to respond with Diligence, Integrity of heart and Excellence. We must be prepared to walk on the straight and narrow path, the more difficult choice, the more challenging and adventurous path, the righteous path, the path that requires patience and hope. We must not swerve to the left or to the right, meaning we must not be influenced by the thoughts and words of other people. At all times,we must incline our inner ears to hear His quiet meek voice. Prateep V Philip Prateep V Philip

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