Monday, October 29, 2012

Keeping Faith

UV 563-10,000 Genesis 3 v 3 Keeping Faith Genesis 3 v 3 “ But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.” From the beginning of time till this day, Satan is trying hard to prove God is a liar. The only one thing that is impossible for God is lying. Eve first believed the words of Satan over the Word of God. Adam then took the words of Eve over the Word of God. They were given multiple right choices and one wrong choice. But, they made that one wrong choice. They distrusted the Word of God and trusted the words of Satan and of each other. That is why just as it is by lack of faith man broke away from the Kingdom of God or rule and reign of God in our lives, we can be restored also only by faith in His Word. Today, mankind has multiple wrong choices and one right choice- to believe the Word of God over the words of Satan and over the words of other men and women or their ideologies, philosophies, religions and speculations. The Word of God is called in the singular, “ Word” and not ‘words’ as it is one whole truth, any part of it is wholesome, true, consistent and unchanging. The words of Satan and man will keep changing according to circumstances. Satan paraded untruth and deception as truth. As a result, man fell from grace or the favour of God. Jesus is called by the apostle John as the Word. The Word of God is full of grace and truth. Grace and truth are the two sides of the heavenly coin. The truth will convict us of our fallen nature. Grace will restore us to God-intended and God-willed nature. With faith we can buy the true spiritual riches of the Word. With more faith we can buy more spiritual clothes to cover our spiritual nakedness. We can buy more salve or ointment for an anointed vision. We must never allow any one else’s words to override the Word of God and to cloud our vision. When we do so,we are keeping faith with God. The fall came on account of breaking faith with God’s Word and the restoration will also come by keeping faith with God’s Word. This is the reason, Scripture underlines faith as the basis of our personal relationship with God. Belief in the words of Satan led to the loss of innocence of man. His ability to reason, to be aware and to question and to disobey increased from generation to generation. The Word of God restores us to life and eternal life. It will touch our hearts and minds and revive our souls and spirits. It will feed us and nourish our innermost being. Though we listen to the words of our nearest and dearest, we will give overriding importance to the Word of God. We will live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. When and wherever there is a conflict between the words of our fellow beings with the Word of God, the latter will be relied upon and acted upon. The Word is given primacy and priority. When we do so, we fulfill the very purpose of creation and the will of God and we inherit the right to eat of the fruit of eternal life. Prateep V Philip

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