Monday, December 17, 2012

Great Faithfulness

UV 612/10,000 Lamentations 3 v 23 Great faithfulness “They are new every morning: great is your faithfulness” Lamentations 3 v 23 The Lord’s mercies are sure as the sunrise and fresh as the morning. In short, even as we can be certain about the availability of His mercy, we cannot be sure about the manner, the timing and the extent of its manifestation in our lives. The sun rises with unfailing regularity- even so the Lord’s mercy shines on us every day of our lives. Since He watches over our lives continually, it never sets on us even while we sleep. This is the aspect that assures us, comforts us and gives us a sense of security. The newness aspect of God’s mercy is the exciting aspect. It never becomes stale even though we enjoy it day after day and all our lives. We will never be able to take it for granted. The mercy of the Lord is as fresh as the morning. Just as each morning brings into our lives new openings, new relationships, new experiences, new challenges and new difficulties, the Lord’s mercy is unpredictable. We cannot tell in what way God will show up in the midst of the hustle, bustle and hassle of every day life. He like us enjoys giving His friends here on earth a surprise or two. In this one uni-verse, there is the reconciliation of opposites or contradictions: the certainty and surety of God’s mercy, the definiteness and precision of the regularity with which He will manifest it in our lives as against the uncertainty of how it will manifest in our days or in the course of our lifetime. This is the reason why every person’s testimony is unique. It is the net result of the interface between God and us: the interaction of our unique personalities,needs,challenges, situations and the grace of God always waiting to amaze. Our problems and difficulties may be great. Our expectations may be great. But His faithfulness is greater. He is faithful in keeping His personal covenant with us to the extent of every jot and letter. He is faithful to His numerous promises He has made to us in His Word. Even a person’s own parents at times might forsake him or her but the Lord never forsakes us. He never gives up on us nor does He give us up. The birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus proves for all time and to all people the absolute degree of faithfulness of God in His relationship with each of us. Prateep V Philip

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