Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Redeemer and Helper

UV 615/10,000 Redeemer and Helper “Do not be afraid, O worm Jacob, O little Israel, for I myself will help you,” declares the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel” It is written 365 times “ do not fear” in different parts of the Bible. Indicating that though there are a variety of risks, threats and dangers that a man encounters in the course of his days, it is God who comes to His rescue if we cling to Him as a worm would cling to a branch or on a stone for support. Jacob is addressed in this uni-verse as “ O worm Jacob” as each of us is as vulnerable as a worm in comparison to the satanic forces against us. Satan had taken mankind captive through sin but only the Lord can redeem us from his evil clutches. Mankind pledged our allegiance to the forces of darkness when we first loved sin instead of the Word of God. What is pledged belongs to the one to whom it is pledged. If some valuable article is pledged with a money lender, the price of that article has to be paid for its redemption. Similarly, God is our redeemer as He paid the price of our redemption through the blood of His Son Jesus. Jesus is the one referred to as “ the Holy One of Israel.” He was born in the nation of Israel for the sake of people of all nations. When we put our trust in Him and accept that He paid the price for our redemption, we too are “declared” to be part of “Holy Israel”- a spiritual Kingdom of God. No longer should we behave like worms, squirming and twirling in the dust of sin but regard ourselves as citizens of the Kingdom of God, sons and daughters of God by our faith in Jesus. No longer need we be afraid of what challenges life throws at us or even death and the judgment that follows. The Lord promises that “ I myself will help you.” He will now be not just our Redeemer but our Ebenezer, our help in times of trouble. We cannot wish or pray for a trouble-free life but we can live without fear and with constant expectation of receiving the active help of God. We can stop struggling with God or running away from Him. Instead, we can triumph in the struggles of life with His help. Prateep V Philip

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