Thursday, December 27, 2012

Watching the Walls of Jerusalem

UV 620/10,000 Watching the Walls of Jerusalem “I have posted watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they will never be silent day and night. You who call on the Lord give yourselves no rest,” Isaiah 62 v 6 The Lord has appointed and anointed watchmen to watch over the sheep, His flock, to watch on the walls of Jerusalem or to watch the twelve gates of Jerusalem. The word “ posted” means that the Lord has given the watchmen the assignment. He has given them whatever calling they have on earth. He has briefed them with instructions from His Word on what to watch out for. The twelve gates of Jerusalem in today’s context are a metaphor for the different domains of the human-God interface: physical, intellectual, spiritual and so on. We watch over the souls of His people even as they are involved in all these domains. It is our responsibility to pray and act in faith to bring into being the dominance of the Lord in these domains. David before He was called to be the king of Israel watched over sheep. When a lion and a bear attacked his sheep, He was able to overpower the lion and the bear and rescue his sheep. He displayed courage and presence of mind. He took risks. He showed commitment and untiring zeal for his task. A mere hireling would have fled. Similarly, as watchmen, we need to display such qualities of head, heart and spirit. David was not unequipped for his task. He always carried a staff, a sling and stones and a harp to keep himself occupied and alert in worship of God. The staff symbolized authority. The sling stands for prayer as our prayer can deliver the hard rock of the Word to the ear of the Lord. The harp in our context stands for an attitude of continual worship. The watchman’s role is to hear the Word from the mouth of God and convey it to His people. The watchman’s duty is to warn the righteous as well as the wicked. The watchman like the multi-eyed creatures described in Heaven are to be ever vigilant and awake. Just as those creatures continually worshipped the Lord, the watchman prays day and night. A normal watchman’s job is to watch silently without disturbing the owner of the house but this uni-verse says that the spiritual watchmen are never silent. They are always in conversation with the Lord. The watchmen are called to intercede without resting. We need to pray without ceasing. By our prayers, we do not allow the Lord also to rest. He watches over the elect, His chosen day and night. His eyes are on that segment of the wall that we are placed in charge of. He is sensitive and responsive to the call of His watchmen. Just as an ornithologist knows the cry of different birds, the Lord recognizes the voice of different watchmen who are ushering in His kingdom on earth. Pratep V philip

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