Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Plan fulfills the Purpose

UV 613/10,000 The Plan Fulfills the Purpose “ You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honour and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.” Revelation 4 v 11 This uni-verse states that we are created by the will of God. The phrase used in the order of appointment of officers of the government is “ will hold office during the pleasure of the President.” It implies that we hold office as long as the President desires. Similarly, we are created for the pleasure of God. We are created to ascribe glory, honour and power to the One to whom alone it belongs. The overall plan and purpose of God as stated in this verse defines our individual sense of purpose. We can find meaning in life only in relationship to the Creator. Only when we have a personal relationship with God, will we perceive and share in the glory, honour and power of God. God alone is worthy of worship. No saint or human, living or dead is worthy of such adulation. To attribute it to any one else is spiritual robbery. The word, “ glory” means splendour. God delights in revealing His splendour in our lives. Just as a parent who earns his salary takes pleasure in using it to meet the need and desire of his family members, God choses to share His glory with us. Instead of working for our own glory or egos, we attribute whatever we achieve to the grace and glory of God. The word, “ honour” implies that we hold God in highest esteem. We esteem God to be the most valuable person in our lives. This gives Him pleasure. When we do the first: that is when we give all glory and honour to the Lord, His power or His miraculous ability is employed in our lives. We will experience a child-like sense of wonder at all He is and does for us. We will experience His abundance, generousity, strength and might in our lives. Our being should be rooted in God and then our lives will grow like healthy and fruitful plants. The word “ plant” has in it two components “ plan” and “t” where t stands for our thoughts, our temperament, tongue, talent and time. Finding and doing the will of God is the very purpose and plan of our lives. The Word of God reveals the plan of God on how our thoughts should be ordered, how our temperaments should develop, how our tongues should be employed, how our talents should be utilized and how our time should be spent. We use these resources creatively and not destructively or wastefully. When we conform our thoughts, temperament, tongue, talents and time with the plan of God as revealed in His Word, we bring glory, honour and power to our Creator, Sustainer and Saviour. Prateep V Philip

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