Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Cornerstone

UV 611/10,000 The Cornerstone Jesus said to them, “ Have you never read in the Scriptures: “ The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes”? Matthew 21 v 42 The image of a stone rejected by the builders was referred to by Jesus in order to explain how He would be rejected by the leaders of Israel but eventually He would be the cornerstone of history. Jesus is the keystone, the cornerstone or the capstone of Israel which the architects or builders of Israel rejected. Without the keystone, the jigsaw puzzle of life cannot be resolved. Without the cornerstone, the foundation of a building will not stand. Without a capstone, the edifice of life would be incomplete. God as the Master Builder and designer of the universe and life had foreseen that His Son would be rejected in His lifespan on earth but that after His resurrection, He would be the cornerstone. Similarly, many of us at some points in our lives have encountered rejection by the decision makers. If the Son of God was rejected, how much more likely we are to be rejected by our contemporaries, by the influential and by people in power and position. This should not discourage us. We must look forward with hope and faith to the time when the Lord will turn things around and make us the keystone, the cornerstone and capstone of our organizations. When it happens, it will be apparent to all that it is the Lord’s doing. It is His marvelous grace and power that turns the tide of events and makes the very person who was looked down upon, who was considered unworthy of leadership as the person to whom all look to for guidance, support and inspiration. This uni-verse came in a time of prayer where the Lord revealed that as a child “ some big people had rejected my family and me.” But, He has done the miracle over time of making me a cornerstone. Rejection it appears is part of the plan and pattern of training for godly leadership: Moses was rejected by his own people and by his adopted Egyptian family but God turned him into the chief cornerstone of the Old Testament Israel. Joseph was rejected by his brothers but God turned him into the cornerstone of Egypt. When the builders or leaders or even our own family members or fellow believers look into our potential and assesses our personalities, abilities and attitudes, they do not find anything worthwhile. But, when God who made us and cares for us, looks into our heart, He finds faith. He sees that He can use us for a particular purpose, to fulfill a specific mission. He will then supply what we need by His grace. He will give us the wisdom and anointing. He will lead us and guide us. He will cause an outpouring of supernatural favour and gifting to catapult us to positions of leadership. The initial years or time and experience(s) of rejection is needed to develop the sense of humility, empathy and grace in us and to clearly show evidence of God’s hand at work in transforming the situation. Prateep V Philip

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