Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hearing the Voice

UV 849/10,000 Hearing the Voice “ Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, “ This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30 v 21 When we commit our lives to the Lord, He will send the Holy Spirit who will teach us the way we should take. We will receive counsel in all the decisions we take in life. When we accidentally take a detour, we will hear a voice behind us saying, “ This is the way- take it.” We should not turn to the right or to the left but walk in the highway of holiness of the Lord. Not turning to the left or to the right implies that we should not be enamoured of the world’s philosophies, human speculation and our own inner bias. This is the upward path that the redeemed of the Lord take. When we hear the Master’s voice, it is a sure sign that He is the Shepherd and we are His flock. We must not get distracted by the other voices we hear. If we do not incline our ears all the time to hear the soft, gentle voice behind us, we might well miss hearing it. We need to be sensitive to the move of the Holy Spirit. The paths we are to take are paved with the Word of God. This is the metaphoric meaning of John’s revelation of heaven being paved with pure gold. There are many red herrings the devil and his human agents will throw our way to make us go off course but as we lean on the understanding of the Word that the Holy Spirit imparts to us, we will always have an inner compass and a GPS or God’s Positioning System bringing us back to the direction and the path the Lord wants us to take. I have wondered often and asked some people, “ which of the five senses do you think is the most important?” Some said it is vision, some said it is touch but the Word of God says it is our hearing. Our worst enemy is between our own two ears and if we but use our two ears well to hear every word that the Lord speaks to us and reflect on what He has spoken to us in the past and implicitly obey it, the enemy between our ears will be transformed and the enemy without will be overcome. The Holy Spirit will indicate the path and ask us to walk in it. Walking involves steps. Walking the path implies taking the step of faith, the step of trust, the step of obedience, the step of submission, the step of humility, the step of courage and sacrifice, the step of love. God is not our “step father” but our Father in heaven. Therefore, our hearts should not be divided between Him and the evil one, between the world and Him, between our own desires and His will. Prateep V Philip

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