Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Mystery of History

832/10,000 Rootedness And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof Revelation 5 v 5 Yet wisdom prevails. The Lord and King, Mighty God,the Prince of Peace,the Lion of Judah, the Root and Offspring of David is the one who determines the outlines of world history. When He opens the seals of time, one by one the mega events of history unfolds. Historians and people at large might think that everything has happened and happens by happenstance or chance or at random but the Lord is sovereign and in control. So He says, “ Do not weep and get distressed or depressed at things that are happening around the world. I am at the door.” Only He has won the right to open the books of accounts in Heaven. The Lord once revealed that there are two books- the Book of Life in which the names of all those who belong to Him and the Kingdom of God are written and the Book of the Shepherd in which are written the names of all those who played some role in winning souls for the Kingdom of God. The name Judah means “ praise”. His Name and His Work and His Word continually brings praise and glory and honour and blessing to the Great I Am. We are finite with an infinite purpose and destiny. How we define ourselves will refine us over time. Most people define themselves by what they do. In French it is better said, " Je fais, donc je suis." Many people define themselves by what they feel- " Je sens, donc je suis." Still others define themselves by what they speak, "Je parle, donc je suis." A few define themselves by what they think-" Je pense, donc je suis." Some others define themselves by their love- " J'aime, donc je suis." The truth is that all these states of being are connected but when we define ourselves by what we believe, "Je crois, donc je suis", all else gets connected with the Great I Am. I was, I am and I will be when I am connected with the One, the only one who defined His self as " I AM WHO I AM." Jesus is the root and anchor, bridge and buckle that connects us with the Great I Am. We as believers are not passive spectators of events of world history but we are globe shapers and shakers for our King reigns. We extend the Kingdom of God by what we pray, think, feel, speak and do. We are inducted into the Kingdom where every citizen is a king and priest as priests and kings. We are shepherd-kings in the tradition of our forefather of faith-David. When we sing and remember the psalms, we are passing edicts of the House of David. When we sing praises we belong to the tribe of Judah. What we do here leaves an indelible imprint in the books of Heaven. When we are rooted in the revealed Word, we get connected with all the royal lineage of David the King and beyond that fallen hero of yesteryears, the Morning Star of all of the universe, the Root as well as the Offspring of David. Jesus holds the key to the understanding of human history, the key to our personal redemption, the key to unlocking the mystery of history-the seven seals. The seven seals stand for great epochal events that are date-timed and destined to happen. Some of these have been prophesied and fulfilled already. Seven symbolises completion and an indication that the earth and the universe have an expiry date when the Eternal will down the curtain of history. Prateep V Philip

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