Thursday, August 1, 2013

Unction in Every Function

UV 827/10,000 Unction in Every Function He is to bring one of each kind as an offering, a contribution to the Lord; it belongs to the priest who sprinkles the blood of the fellowship offerings. Leviticus 7 v 14 It is not as if all the offerings and sacrifices of the Old Testament have lost their meaning and relevance in our days. The blood offering continues to be offered as a contribution to the Lord except that it is not the blood of animals, of oxen or doves but that of the Christ, the Anointed One who offered Himself as the one blemishless and eternal sacrifice for all, past, present and future and for all time. In my recent travel to different parts of the USA, the Lord revealed that He dabbed and sprinkled His anointing, cleansing and empowering spiritual blood upon my heart and my mouth, upon the steps of my feet so that all the homes and places I dwelled shared in the peace of fellowship with Christ. It is the unction or anointing of the blood of Christ that enables us to fellowship with the Triune God, the Creator-Comforter-Christ.(CCC) The blood of Jesus that flowed from His many wounds never congealed but continues to flow, bless, cleanse and deliver people who come in contact with Him to this day. The blood from His face and head gives us grace and protection from fear, anxiety , guilt and mental worry. The blood from His hands anoint the work of our hands. The blood that flowed from the furrows ploughed on His back protect us from the unseen enemy and weapons forged in secret. The blood that flowed from His chest blesses us with strength, health and power to fulfil His purpose in our lives. The blood that flowed from His knees makes our prayers and praise acceptable and pleasing to the Lord. The blood that flowed from His feet blesses our travel and the places we go to. Many people, particularly from other faiths and backgrounds, wonder why we talk so much about blood but when we reflect on it we will realize that our life flows in and out with our blood. I realized that as I lost a lot of blood lying injured in Sriperumbudur after the human bomb. The blood contains both RBCs or Red Blood Corpuscles and White Blood Corpuscles- both the cells provide oxygen to all parts of the body of a person as well as the body of Christ- the church and the cells that fight invasion of germs, that protect us from infections. The blood of Christ similarly has two spiritual functions-one, to provide spiritual nourishment and spiritual energy and two, to protect and fight the attack of the spiritual enemy of our souls. As priests with the unction of the Most High God, we do the function to sprinkle the blood of Christ on all that we do, all the people we come in contact with and all the places we go to. In every function of every organ of our bodies and every part of our lives and minds and souls, we need this unction. In every relationship, we need this unction. In every activity and endeavour and plan, we need this unction. Prateep V Philip

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