Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Attitude Metrics

The Attitude Metrics 1Sa 2:3 Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogancy come out of your mouth: for the LORD is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed. There are even some believers who teach communication on the one hand but are known to use their tongue like an industrial saw to hurt and cut up people. I even come across young men who talk arrogantly as if they know it all. They think they are the repository of all knowledge and wisdom and talk arrogantly without realizing that God will call them to account for every word spoken and every attitude of pride at one’s position or one’s abilities or one’s achievements. Arrogance is a sure sign that we are not worthy of the trust of man and God. Humility is a sign that we are worthy of trust. Many young couples are kept childless till they humble themselves and acknowledge God as the source of life. Throwing themselves with abandon into each other’s arms does not produce new life in the womb but the first prayer that they make in all humility and reverence like Hannah did, begins the stirrings of new life in the hitherto barren womb. Elkanah’s first wife Peninah who had borne children used to despise Hannah who was barren and had not borne children. She used to speak arrogantly to Hannah and make the latter upset and vexed. Hannah turned to the Lord in her sorrow. She then bore a son Samuel who is known as one of the greatest of prophets. In contrast, the children of Peninah remain nameless and are not remembered to this day. The very name “ Samuel” means “ heard of the Lord.” Hannah later celebrated her triumph, over the fact that the Lord had heard her cry and removed her shame and agony. Hannah worships the Lord as the “ God of knowledge.” He knows the hearts and attitudes of people. He will weigh the thoughts, words and actions of people and vindicate and lift up the humble in heart. This uni-verse is a warning not to harbour proud thoughts, not to talk proudly or arrognantly. We must use our mouth to extol the Lord and to boast of His glory. Then He will enlarge our mouths, our lives and our legacy over the lives of our so called rivals, foes and contemporaries. When He weighs our actions and the motives behind them we should not be found wanting. Hannah needed the priest Eli to pray for her and prophetically tell her that her prayer had been heard. But today under the new covenant, each believer is declared to be a priest before the most holy, all knowing and all powerful God. As our prayers and our attitudes, words and actions please the Lord, the Holy Spirit will directly communicate to us that our prayers have been heard. Prateep V Philip

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