Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Gift of Discernment

UV 852/10,000 The Gift of Discernment “So that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ” Philippians 1 v 10 Discernment comes as we increase in knowledge and depth of insight. Discernment is a mark of a mature believer. He or she is able to distinguish between what is evil, bad, good, better and best. We are very often easily able to recognize what is evil but we are not able to discern what is just bad. We are able to recognize what is good but we are not able to choose what is best. In order to stay pure and blameless, we need this gift of discernment that the Holy Spirit imparts to those who seek it. There is a discernment of spirits: we will be able to identify the source of a person’s inspiration, whether it is genuine or false. Discernment of truth will enable us to distinguish heresy, compromise and true doctrine. There is a discernment of gifts- to be able to know which person has what gift and so be able to put better use of that person and his or her gift for the sake of the body of Christ. Discernment will enable us to exercise our gifts with aptness. Discernment will enable us to make the right decisions in a given situation. The Word of God says that, “ Discernment will protect you.” It will protect us when we are tempted or when we are facing a trial. We will discern the way of escape from that temptation or trial. Discernment enables us to make sound judgements. In order to be pure and blameless, we sorely need the gift of discernment. It is an important aspect of wisdom. The Lord gives us discernment. We need to yearn and ask the Lord for discernment and scripture says that He will give it to us generously. Discernment will give us practical guidance on which moment is the best time to act, which is the better thing to do- to remain silent or to speak, if to speak which is the better word to speak, whether to remain in a place or to leave it. Discernment is a nuanced and calibrated application of wisdom. Prateep V Philip

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