Thursday, August 22, 2013


UV 847/10,000 WOW Power For thou, O God, hast heard my vows: thou hast given me the heritage of those that fear thy name. Psalm 61 v 5 When we make a vow to God and keep that vow, the “wow” or Word of Wisdom power of God is released in our lives. We no longer live on the purely natural plane but at the intersection of the natural and the supernatural. This is the zone in which miracles happen and blessings of the Triune God is released. When Abel kept his promise to give his best for God, he was blessed and he received the heritage of those who fear His name. When we fear God and strive to be righteous or try to live in accordance with His commands, our conscience and our commitment, we declare that we belong to God, that we are His sons and daughters. As children of God, we are entitled to His inheritance. All the 10,000 promises of God contained in the 66 books of the Bible, including this particular uni-verse, together constitute the heritage of the saints or believers in Christ. Having tasted of the wow power of these promises in the past thirty five years of my life, I too took a vow to explore all these 10,000 promises, verse by verse, word by word and day by day. Though the words of these promises were spoken in the past, they power our present and future as their effect and impact lasts forever. When we make a vow to the Lord, we are binding our soul by a bond with an oath. We must make sure we keep every word of our vow. We may only whisper our vows in our souls but the Lord hears us and remains a witness. It is said that the Arabian Nights fairy tales that were loved by us as children were written over a thousand days and nights. I have kept my vow to the Lord over nearly a thousand days so far to give priority to His Word every day and to meditate on this heritage and make known this heritage to others around the world. As a result, the Lord is pleased and has released many blessings over the past thousand days. He has said, “ I am pleased that you are analysing My Word, word by word and spreading it from nation to nation and from coast to coast.” Invariably, as I finish my meditation, I find a joy bubbling up in song from my soul. I find His strength rising in me enabling me to face the day’s challenges. He surrounds me with His peace and covers me with His presence. Prateep V Philip

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