Sunday, April 10, 2016

Flight from the Earth to Heaven

UV 1723/10000 Flight From the Earth to Heaven
And I have put my words in thy mouth, and I have covered thee in the shadow of mine hand, that I may plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth, and say unto Zion, Thou art my people
Isaiah 51 v 16
The Lord has put His Word or words in our mouth. Like a cow ruminates on what it holds in its mouth and chews on it again and again, we too need to ruminate on the Word, meditate on it again and again, every waking hour till our thoughts, our words, our choices, our actions and reactions are consistent with the Word we have meditated on. During this stage of meditation, the words of the Lord never leave our mouths but remain in us and with us. Just as our mouths are full of teeth or tools to masticate and break up food into tiny chewable and that we are able to swallow and absorb, the Lord has given us many sharp and smart tools to masticate, analyse and break His words into tiny parts. The Lord will use His words to plant heaven or the kingdom of God in our hearts and minds and lay the foundation of our work on earth. It is Jesus, the Word that bridges the gap between earth and heaven, between us and God, between us and the kingdom of God or Zion. It is the Word of God that bridges our understanding with the purpose and understanding of the Lord. As we memorise and meditate on His word, it becomes a fire or light within us and we cannot hold it back. We need to communicate it to others to bless them similarly. It becomes a hammer to knock and smoothen the rough edges of our lives and personalities.

When the words of the Lord are constantly in our mouths and minds, we are living under the shadow and in the presence of the Lord. He literally covers our back from unseen weapons and enemies. He empowers us from within. He equips us. He energises us. His hand shields us. His hand blesses us and lifts us up. He tasks us even as we as His children who belong to Him can t-ask Him: time-ask, treasure-ask, talent-ask, target-ask. In other words on account of our personal and intimate relationship with the Lord, we can ask Him to bless our time as our times are in His hand- the high time and the low time, the seasons of our lives. We can ask Him to bless our talent to multiply it. We can ask Him to bless our treasure, spiritual, material and monetary so that it is sufficient not only to meet our need but to give to bless others. We can ask Him to help us fulfil our targets, achieve our objectives and reach our goals: personal, professional, familial, ministry-related.

Through His Word, the Lord is creating a new heaven and a new earth. Each of us are a branch of His planting to become trees of righteousness, bearing spiritual fruit for His satisfaction, pleasure and glory. We are planted by Him in Him and His Word. The Word and the gospel of hope is the seed that is planted in our hearts. He writes thereby His law on the tablet of our hearts and minds. His commands are the source of discipline, the boundaries of our lives that we shall not cross and His promises are our inheritance. We should therefore ensure that our mouths, minds and hearts are full of His words. The words of the Lord are the basis of our new covenant relationship with the Lord. If we abide in and by His words, we belong to Him and He belongs to us. He declares to us that we are His people, a spiritual nation ransomed from all nations- the people who live in the new heaven and new earth, the people of Zion. Any visitor to Las Vegas is entertained by the shows that happen inside or outside each casino every hour on the hour. Similarly, it will be useful to remember every hour on the hour the uni-verse you read every day. Memorise the words, recall it every hour on the hour, meditate on it, obey, apply, claim it and experience the power of the Lord all day and all the days of our lives. Our foundations on earth will be established and our place in the new heaven will be assured.
Prateep V Philip

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